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How do I play my iPhone through my PS3?

Asked by monsoon (2505points) May 16th, 2008

I got the idea from this post, but when I plug my iPhone into the USB port and go to music (in the horizontal main menu)>search for media servers, it says it can’t find anything.

Is there some other way I should do this? And is it possible (it would be a dream come true) that I can play my iPhone through my ps3 via bluetooth?

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right now i do not think you can. I have tried the same thing and had the same result.

but you can actually controll your computer with your iphone if you have a wireless router by using befree4iphone

you can open itunes and play music that will come through your comps speakers.

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That’s really awesome, but they don’t have a Mac download? That’s a little silly.

That’s really cool anyway though, thanks, except that I have Mac :(

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