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What the.........Atheists have better lives in the bed now (details)?

Asked by Blackberry (31878points) December 7th, 2011

This is getting out of hand. Apparently our sex lives are better because we have less guilt. I have a good sex life, but it’s not because of my lack of guilt, at least I don’t think so.

What do you guys think?

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I’m just guilty of wanting more sex all the time. And get that guy off the girl so we can check her out.

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It must bea a really slow news day:
“Both groups of people admitted that they carried out the same activities such as masturbation, watching pornography, having oral sex and pursuing affairs. ...All of the people who were questioned were found to have sex around the same number of times a week. They also became sexually active at similar ages.” They also have the similar divorce and remarriage rates. (From another study.).

@Adirondackwannabe If you put your head under the desk and look up you can check out her, um… back.

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I’m a theist but have no guilt. My sex life is awesome!!

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@worriedguy Good idea. Let me try it.

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”...preyed for forgiveness.” Sounds like an interesting enough sex life to me.

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Oh I don’t know. I may have less guilt, but it makes it even more fun to play with someone who has more guilt, yet really wants to be like me. Maybe that’s why all my girlfriends have been from Catholic backgrounds. Except my wife.

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I have a wonderful sex life and I’m agnostic.

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I’ll believe every study and poll I read when I look out my window and see a pig flying by

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“They”...the infamous “they”, at it again ey?
Who the fuck does these studies?
Well MY study says that red wine drinking, happy brownie baking, green tea enema enthusiasts that practice masterbating with turbo jets in hot tubs live longer and are guilt free too. lol

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I’m putting this out in a way I hope you all can laugh at and then I’m running for cover.
If the religious freaks feel so guilty about getting laid, how come there are so many of the bastards running around in the world.

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Well…the “go forth and mulitply” is a commandment isn’t it? lolol

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@Coloma That must be the answer.:)

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I am always shocked to find anyone in western society has guilt associated with sex, masturbation, any of it. Guilt or regret about being with a particular person, that is a different thing, but guilt about sex itself, it just doesn’t compute for me. I’m sure it exists, I hear people talk about it, but I find it totally foreign.

I once heard a study that married Christians have more sex and more satisfying sex than non-Christians. No idea who or how the study was conducted.

I do know that Christian based shows on TV seem to talk about sex a lot. That whole promise dance wear girls promise their virginity to their dads, or whatever they do, to me is a bazarro, outward, public display of sex talk. I find that very very odd. I am sure it is a minority of Christians who participate in such things. I would think when half those girls have sex by the time they are 17 (I made up that stat, but I bet it isn’t too far off) it comes with some form of guilt, guilt about breaking a promise, guilt about defying Gods command, guilt about doing something secretive from their parents. I’m just guessing.

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@Adirondackwannabe And the procreation is just for pumping them out, not for pleasure. I imagine it’s like two lions having sex, where it lasts 30 seconds and they go on with their day lol.

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@Blackberry That would suck. lol I’m too much of a glutton for the pleasure. Her’s and mine.

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Oh sure, I have a horrible, boring sex life because I’m afraid that wild, uninhibited sex with my husband would make God mad. And I’ve only got daughters because I felt it was my Christian duty to produce them.

Oi vey, will there never be an end to ridiculous claims?

@Adirondackwannabe I’m lmfao at your comment!

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@WillWorkForChocolate I’m still waiting for the lightning bolt.

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Weird, during sex is the only time you may confuse me for a theist. OHHHH GODDDDDDD!

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God, no.

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“Oi vey, will there never be an end to ridiculous claims?”

Doubtful. Fortunately, this is not one of them.

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You don’t think it’s ridiculous to say that Atheists have better sex lives?

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Not if there’s evidence to support the assertion. What I think is ridiculous are assertions that people make with no evidence to support them. This particular assertion may be wrong, but it is not ridiculous.

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I am religious and I’m not plagued by guilt… so… this article is bunk from the jump (or what I like to call B from the J)

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I have a cross in my bedroom. That would not stop the candle wax and whips.

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

@judochop How big is the cross?

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My beliefs have nothing to do with my sex life. My bank account, however…

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There was devout baptist sunday school teacher who made the news this year with tales of being sedated by her dentist lover so she wouldn’t feel the guilt of cheating on her husband. (incidently she was in the news because she had murdered her husband and the dentists wife but didn’t seem to feel any guilt about that).

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And rightly so. There maybe are no atheists in foxholes, but they heavily populate hot and sweaty bedrooms and kitchens, barns, stairs, elevators, cars, rooftops, parks, confessionals and possibly the Oval Office…before. Lol.

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@Adirondackwannabe online it’s ten inches. In real life it’s not that big.

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So it’s like a big fish story, gets bigger every time you tell it? lol

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@judochop GA. I was just letting my perv mind wander to what you could do with a big cross, candles, whips and some rope.

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I can imagine it’d be easier for people who are homosexual or have homosexual tendencies to be athiest than be some religions that might encourage them to hide or deny it.

Other than that…. I dunno. Seems somewhat far fetched.

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Researchers have unanimously declared that 50.1% of all research is bullshit. (the actual figure being higher than 100%)

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I’m sorry, @Zyx, but it is well known that 48% of all statistics are made up on the spot. Also, “bullshit” is a technical term, and I don’t believe you are qualified to use it!

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@wundayatta I’ll have you know I have a degree in bullshit from the University of Leiden. I’d show you a digital version but I wish to remain anonymous. Furthermore I suspect you’re part of the 48% of people that say “48% of all statistics are made up on the spot” because they’re joking about how few statistics they know but really they’re ashamed.

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Why am I thinking of the wild gay sex scene with Jim Carry in ” I love you Phillip Morris? haha

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@wundayatta @Zyx You’re both wrong. While certain folks claim that 48% of statistics are made up on the spot, and others claim that 50.1% of all research is bullshit, the truth is that 73.3% of statistic researchers are drunk when they bullshit their way through the reports.

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Hey! @WillWorkForChocolate I resemble that remark!!!!!

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This page has a link to the press release (which is free), as well as the full article (which requires registration). The reported differences are highly associated with denomination. The role of parental attitudes and education of their children about sex (or lack thereof) is also mentioned.

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So do feminists! Oh the horrors.

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I love feminists… and I’m an atheist… hmmmmm

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I have a fantastic & rich sex life because i’ve got a big cock & the wife bangs like a shithouse door in a hurricane!!
My lack of faith has nowt to do with it you see.

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@ucme Lol….........

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I admit that my sex life when I was single would have been better if I didn’t mind lying to have sex.

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I guess the devil is in the details, but who is grading performance?

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I ain’t even mad. This is something I can get behind. Spread the good word my fellow atheists! Dawkins mit uns.

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@bkcunningham Maybe we can grade our performance together…..

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I haven’t read the other responses, but I don’t attribute that to my atheism.. I attribute that to my parents giving me a good education about sex and relationships and that natural things are okay.
Yes, I do think it’s related to not feeling guilty about sex or my sexual body, but my parents are Catholic, so I don’t think it is a religious thing. It’s a parenting thing.

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I don’t know, saying grace before eating out or making cherry pop could take some fun out of it for some people.

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How hot would you get with your honey if you truly believed God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost were watching every move and would discuss your lackluster performance when the event was over?

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Well @ETpro, if he was the one who designed it, I’d feel damm priviledged and if I was getting advice from anyone wouldn’t he be the greatest and best option?? lol ;)P

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I dunno. There’s something to be said for guilt. It can get the old blood pumping.

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Meh. I can see how that’s possible. Then again, I used to consider myself a Christian and had a very hard time accepting being sexual. I still do sometimes… because of guilt. So, in my opinion, people who have never been taught that sex outside of marriage is wrong and have always only had consensual sex probably do have more enjoyable sex lives. This is, of course, assuming they are unmarried. I might find it easier to enjoy if I was married.

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@choreplay “He was the one that designed it.” is perhaps what you assuem, but you know how that word is broken up into sylables, son’t you? If we accept that it is true, then he invented it and immediately instilled a deep sense of guilt and secrecy in doing it. Why?

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@ETpro In starting the quote at “he” and capitalizing it, your misquoting me. I said ”...if he was the one who designed it…” and it was said tongue and cheek. I really don’t plan to participate in an argument about God and sex, not because of the relationship between those two but because it would not make sense to lots of folks on here that don’t subscribe to belief in God let alone a congruity between the two.

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@choreplay Ah. Didn’t see the tilde.

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