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What was the last thing on your mind before you went to sleep last night?

Asked by Tbag (3302points) December 7th, 2011

The most random things pop into my mind when I try to sleep at night. I’m a hardcore insomniac but when it comes to giving it a shot so I can sleep, I think about her like crazy and what I’m going to do about my future. Sometimes I imagine stuff and sometimes it’s just her that pops into my head before I sleep. Would love to know what kind of thoughts cross your mind?

P.S For all who kind of know me and prayed, thank you so much because my operation went just fine and I’m doing so good now. Can’t think of on whom to message privately so thought I’d say it here.

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I don’t remember. I was readfing a book.

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How soft my husband’s skin is when I snuggled up against him and tucked the covers over us.

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I was trying to come up with Marty Feldman’s name.

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I was texting a new cute boy I met :)

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My previous dream from the night before involving me killing a person out of self defense.

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I was thinking and fantasizing about my recent crush if you must know…

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Either that my suitemate would turn the volume on Battlefield 3 down, or that my Official Drunken Cuddle Buddy® would have removed her boots before falling asleep.

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Why I was so tired.

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**Warning cheesy answer ahead**

I was thinking about how much I love my husband and how great it is to fall asleep next to him. Well, that was after I came up with Marty Feldman’s name.

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i may have also been thinking about how cool @SuperMouse‘s avatar is.

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A difficult communication challenge with a client. It turned out OK.

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I was imagining myself in a boat floating along a river. I do that sometimes. Imagine myself in relaxing situations to help me fall asleep. That’s the last thing I remember.

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“I’d better set the alarm because I have to get up in 8 hours and I’m tired enough to sleep longer than that.”

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Last night, bits and pieces from The Man from Nowhere intermixed with something about space travel and this of Lee Hyori. All of which quickly gave way to the sound of pouring rain and deep, uninterrupted, sleep.

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Often at night, including last night, I think about the sci-fi story I’m writing, come up with ideas and plan out how I want the next chapter to unfold.

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That I’m glad I will get to nap once the kids are out of the door to school.

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I don’t quite remember. My nose was all stuffed and it was really annoying, but I fell asleep faster than I thought.


I thought about my little one’s cold and if she should stay home from school tommorow.

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I was thinking of how I must not forget to bring the ballet slippers to work for my photo shoot. I would have gone downstairs right then and put them in my bag but I was so exhausted that I just couldn’t do it! (luckily I did remember)
PS-I was not the one who was going to wear them for the shoot, I am the designer, not the model.

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I’m a guy, what do you think?

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How the fuck did Man Utd get knocked out of the champions league in the group stages!?!
This quickly turned into laughter as I fell asleep sucking on the wife’s nipp my thumb.

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I was thinking about a conversation my boyfriend and I had earlier in the day.

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Somewhat similar to @Mariah‘s answer. Just thinking of my own fictional universe for a story I might write.

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