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How can a country with no government (Somalia) have a prime minister?

Asked by pcmonkey (427points) December 7th, 2011

I thought Somalia had an anarchy (meaning no government). How can they have a prime minister, Abdiweli Ali.

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I don’t think a true anarchy is possible. In an anarchy, some rich guy would buy a bunch of guns and hire a bunch of mercenaries and appoint himself dictator for life very quickly.

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@pcmonkey Anarchy for the most part is just a state of being. Perhaps previously upon selecting Ali there was anarchy, but now the people want to establish leaders to represent a common ideology if Somalia. Although there may not be a strong established government there is still one none the less. For me government is just a club of people, on a particular peace of land with set rules and regulations.

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Somalia may not have the best functioning government, or a constitutionally established permanent government, but they do have a government. The Transitional Federal Government was established in 2004, which had a 5 year mandate. In 2009 the Transitional Federal Parliament extended the mandate for another 3 years, and then in February of this year, the Transitional Federal Government unilaterally extended it’s mandate for another 3 years which was not met well by the international community. So a compromise, extending the mandate for 12 months. It’s all very complicated. Somalia has a lot of problems but they do actually have a government, if you read the section in the link on GOVERNMENT AND POLITICAL CONDITIONS it should all become crystal clear.

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There is anarchy in Somalia, meaning that there is very little law and what law there is is very ineffective. However, there is a nominal government and it does have a prime minister. What the prime minister is prime minister of, I doubt anyone could say. Let’s just say it’s a lot less than anyone wants it to be. Most people are hoping for a lot more law in Somalia. Most people want things to stabilize.

Of course, the pirates differ.

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I just met a fellow from Somalia this evening. He was a good man, a drunk man and a horny man. He told me he came from a family of 10, and his father had four wives, and for some reason I believe him.
Either way the country is chaos, it is meant to continue as it has without the outside interference of foreigners propagating their beliefs-too late I am afraid.
PM is a western thing shoved down there throat-it don’t make no sense.

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Somalia is not an Anarchy. It is a failed government, for sure. It is in chaos. But it is not Anarchy.

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