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How long have we had christmas grinches?

Asked by rojo (24169points) December 7th, 2011

So, do you think that back in the day fundamentalist pagans spent the holiday grousing about how those pesky monotheistic christians were ruining everything by trying to take the Sam out of Samhain?

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I think King Herod kinda stands out.

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Certainly as long as Christmas is spelled christmas. And I’m not even Christian.
(I’m nothing, FYI)

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Since Grinchs were made known to many as the sour green creature spying on Whoville.

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I hear that Caspar had a servant who complained for the whole duration of the trip. I think his name was Grinch, but that may just be a rumor. It may have been Grinchius.

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As long as there have been human beings celebrating Christmas (or its predecessor holiday) I would imagine.

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Since going to department stores became the major activity of Christmas.

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