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What is the funniest answer you have gotten from Siri on the iPhone 4S?

Asked by EmptyNest (2033points) December 7th, 2011

I can’t wait to get the iPhone 4S. It has “Siri” which is a program that processes and understands a spoken question and answers it. What are some funny responses you have gotten (include the question you asked)

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I told my dad’s iPhone I needed to hide a dead body, and it searched for local warehouses, swamps, metal foundries, etc.

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I don’t have one yet but I’ve read some hilarious responses. The funniest was “Call me an ambulance.” “Yes, I will call you ambulance from now on.”

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My non-smart phone has the brains of a planarian next to an iPhone but it claims to respond to voice commands. It says “Please say a command.”
I tell it “Bark like a chicken.” It does not respond. :-(

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I don’t have one either but we did once ask my friend’s phone “Why is there evil?” and I don’t remember what the answer was, but his phone was not able to give an answer to that question that was any more satisfactory than any other I have heard.

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Well, it seems when someone asked SIRI to come up with a holocaust joke, she replied,

“Holocaust jokes are not funny anne frankly I don’t find them entertaining.” ( way to go Siri! )

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:-) I think we should keep this question going. How hilarious. I can’t wait to see what other answers come up. I don’t have an iPhone and no Siri. The idea that it could be a source of such great mirth is about the only real enticement I have had so far to buy one! @lillycoyote, I was imagining smoke and flames coming out of the phone when that question was asked.

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@Bellatrix We were just kind of hoping that the technology was advanced enough that the phone could succeed in providing a definitive answer, even when the greatest minds and philosophers had failed to. :-)

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Also, asking it to open the pod bay doors is a hoot!

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I don’t own any iPhones, but I’d love to just to have this Siri app. I hear it’s hilarious. I think these articles will keep you entertained.

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@AshlynM LOL! Now I want one! I didn’t before but now I do.

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Isn’t little Miss Cruise too young to be working for Apple?

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I don’t have an iphone, but I find it interesting that Siri jokingly makes multiple suggestions of where to hide a body (which did make me laugh) but plays dumb when it comes to rape or abortion clinics.

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@martianspringtime I have a feeling SIRI’s creators have created within her a command program labeled as Play Dumb With Questions Containing The Following Words. Pretty soon, SIRI might find herself a member of a certain political party, heck even religion and favored sexual positions.

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Wow! I never wanted one of those smart phones until now!

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Rumor has it that Apple will incorporate Siri-tech into their TV whenever that makes it to market. Hopefully it has good learning algorithms to suit your taste.

“Machine! Find something really good on TV” Some mega-church holiness comes on.
“Bad Machine! Bad!” switches to roller-derby ... or Republican debates.
“Lifeless Dreck !!” ....vampires….

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There were two answers given by Siri to the following question: “What are you wearing?” The first answer was something like, “Titanium alloy and glass encased in black plastic, pretty good, huh?” The second was, “I think you have the wrong personal assistant”.

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