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Why do files I've deleted and emptied from the recycle bin keep coming back?

Asked by AshlynM (9348points) December 7th, 2011

My recycle bin empties automatically so I don’t have to manually delete the files.

But every time I re boot my laptop, the files mysteriously reappear again to the location they were originally kept.

Has anyone else experienced this or am I going crazy here? Can someone please help me fix this issue so that the file is deleted for good? It’s like a song you can’t get out of your head or that trick candle you can’t blow out.

I do run virus scan software once a week and just recently did a system restore, so I’m sure it’s not a virus causing this problem. Even after the restore, the file is still there on my computer.

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It used to be on Mac, that one could put items in the trash, empty trash, and restart, and find the deleted items reappear upon restart. This was a last safety measure for those who made a simple mistake.

But finding them in their original places is odd. I’d recommend zapping your P-Ram… and if that doesn’t work, it’s time for some maintenance, starting with rebuilding file directories and purging adware from your browsers.

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<———-That guy is not responsible for lost files on your system.

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It’s a folder I personally created but now want removed permanently. I don’t think it’s a shared folder or used by another person. I don’t receive any error messages about the folder in question. I just can’t seem to get rid of it.

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Perhaps it was created by a different user account and is locked by them to prevent deleting. You’d need to sign in under the account it was made under, then delete it.

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Are you using software/services that sync your files across multiple devices via the “cloud”, such as SugarSync, Dropbox, etc.?

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I have Dropbox installed on my laptop but I never put the file in there. The thing is, I don’t have any problems with any other folder I’ve deleted, just this particular one.

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But Dropbox can sync not just your Dropbox folder, but other folders and files that you designate for uploading/syncing. See in your preferences or settings whether that folder is marked for syncing.

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