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What are the top 10 highest paid jobs in the UK...

Asked by cage (3114points) May 16th, 2008

where you don’t need a degree.
(sports do not count! as we all know footballers get paid WAY too much for what they do)

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Um…how about Queen? Prince of Wales? They certainly don’t NEED a degree. At least, no more than George W. does.

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top officers of overpowered corporations
top estate agents in London
top investment brokers
football celebrity
pop star

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Football agents get paid well. Find a few promising youngsters and sign them up.

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I think you’ll be looking at high end careers in retail, design and business or investment. Entrepreneurs are among the highest earning non-graduates in the UK.

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lol ,I find it amusing that the first answer is saying the Queen is a job, then the other two (which are better) mention footballers after I specifically said in the question I don’t want to hear about footballers.

the question arose coz I realised people with crap jobs like repossessing, king crab fishing (lol), bin men and so on can actually all earn quite a large amount.

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Bounty hunter!

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