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Do you have plans for Dec. 21st, 2012? How 'bout the 22nd?

Asked by rojo (24123points) December 8th, 2011

Wondering how far out folks are planning for the day when Mayan long count calendar marks the end of a cycle and the subsequent cataclysmic, transformative and/or apocalyptic events scheduled actually occur.

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Used to go to a solstice party, but the person who ran it moved to Canada, where he passed a couple of years ago.

Most of my friends are more into acknowledging the solstice than anything else. But as far as I know, there is nothing organized yet.

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I plan to continue living my life if that is what you mean.

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@marinelife I was refering, in an offhand way, to the story that the media likes to bring up on slow days about the Mayan Calendar reaching the end of a cycle and the hype about the world ending on that day.

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I don’t plan to plan anything that far ahead…

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This seems to be called for. (Actually, I just love to link it every time the Q comes up. Sorry)

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@JilltheTooth enjoyed it. Is as good an explanation as any.

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@rojo I got that. That’s why I responded as I did. I don’t think the world is coming to an end that day.

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I’m going to take a huge celebratory poop on the 22nd in honor of all the lemmings who will kill themselves en masse because they thought the end was nigh.

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Preparing for the zombie apocolypse.

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I’ll arrange my books and get ready to collect on all the bets I made. Luckily I have many stupid, superstitious friends who are willing to take a bet to get me to shut up about how incorrect they are.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Would that not make the prophesy come true for them?

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Ask me again on December 20th 2012, will yah? : )

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On the 22nd, I’ll be celebrating the Solstice with a nice candlelight dinner.

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Xmas shopping more than likely.

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I’m thinking I’ll eat a few tacos. Just because.

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Ah, guys, you all know we’ll be right here, commenting on what didn’t happen…..

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You know, I have lived through “the end of the world” (say it in a spooky voice) so many times I have come to believe I am imortal or a god or something.

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It sounds like a good night out and a massive hangover.

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We’re celebrating Solstice.

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December 22nd is my brother’s birthday!

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I can’t really say for sure but I’m pretty sure that some type of alcohol will be consumed.

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We’re gonna an awesome party over here. Everyone in the school is invited. Even that weird girl who wears a cat tail everyday and clawed me with her binder this morning. And that strange kid who has a huge head and is pessimistic about everything.
Jellies can come too, if high school parties are your thing.

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I’m going to sleep and then wake up.

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I’ll be trying my best to avoid the doomsayers in the media on the 21st, and on the 22nd I will smile smugly and say “I told you so”.

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I’ll be wondering what the hell I’m gonna do with 2000 angel ashtrays.

Sorry, but the time felt right for a Simpsons reference.

Truth be told though, absolutely nothing.

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December 21, 2012 is my 21st birthday. I’m going to rage all night and wake up with a horrible hangover on the 22nd.

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I plan on throwing rocks at bomb shelters while playing Ride of the Valkyries at top volume.

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