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Do you know of any other Twitter archiving sites other than Twapperkeeper?

Asked by Bellatrix (21242points) December 8th, 2011

Do you know of any other sites that collect and archive tweets by keyword and hashtag. I have been using Twapperkeeper but it has now stopped operating. Apparently things have been incorporated into HootSuite but I am not sure if this will work in the same way Twapperkeeper did. If anyone knows of any other sites that can be used to collect and keep tweets, I would really appreciate knowing about them.

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@Bellatrix Why do you collect and keep tweets? What do you find valuable in tweets?

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@Wundy. I sort of explained that in a direct message the other day. It is connected to my research.

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Apparently the U.S. LIbrary of Congress has them, the Tweets, all of them.. And here is their FAQ on the archive. The article and the FAQ are from April of 2010. I would assume that it is an ongoing project and that they are continuing to collect Tweets but I don’t know. They seem very interested in making the archive available to academic researchers:

What does the Library plan to do with the archive?

First and foremost, the Library is interested in preserving access to the archive for the long term. In addition to looking at preservation issues, the Library will be working with academic research communities to explore issues related to researcher access. The Twitter collection will serve as a helpful case study as we develop policies for research use of our digital archives. Tools and processes for researcher access will be developed from interaction with researchers as well as from the Library’s ongoing experience with serving collections and protecting privacy and rights.

But I’m having a little trouble finding out what the current status is, in terms of access. Actually, I’m not having trouble, I just haven’t looked really. It just isn’t obvious from these postings what the current status is. I will leave that up to you. :-)


Here’s something a little more recent

This information on the LIbrary of Congress’ archive may actually not be all that helpful to you, if there is no system in place for yet for providing researches with access. It’s pretty daunting task, I imagine, managing all those Tweets.

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Oh, that kind of archive. Wow. That’s going to take some serious search tools to dig through all that data. I wonder if Google has versions of it’s software that can catalog large quantities of data pretty fast. Or if what you really need is a lot of bots and some really powerful servers.

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I don’t think I can search the Library of Congress Twitter archive though @lillycoyote. I need to collect all tweets to particular hashtags for research.

The Twapperkeeper site (carefully typed @Lilly :D) allowed you to set up archives. So if I wanted to capture all tweets with the hashtag Fluther (#fluther) I could save that and every tweet with that tag was captured and I could then download them. I don’t know if there are any other sites I can do this though. The new one seems to want a lot of money to do the same thing. I don’t mind paying (I was paying) but not the price I appear to have to pay through the new site.

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