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Any good place to park in SF when leaving the city for a couple of weeks?

Asked by skfinkel (13511points) December 8th, 2011

I realize it is notoriously impossible parking, but it might be that there are some great safe places to leave a car….if so, and if you want to share!

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Wherever you park every day.

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You could pay for the parking lots that they put next to airports, those have actual security. The only one I’ve ever used at SFO was Anza, and my car was fine after I got back from a two week vacation.

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Park’n’Fly in South City works well. Not too pricey.

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City park will offer up open spots. I think it is $20 a day.

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I am sure there are many people who live in San Fran who have driveways but no cars. My kid brother gave up his car after living in SF for a while because he didn’t need one, the public transportation got him everywhere he needed to go, and he didn’t have to pay for parking. You could go on CL and find one who might let you use their driveway for free, or very low cost. Think outside-the-box ;-P

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I once paid a friend who had an assigned spot at his apt. complex to loan it to me when I went to Hawaii. He took the chance parking his own car in unassigned but open-for-all spots because he figured my $100. was worth it. Ask co workers if they can help you in exchange for $.

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