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What are the consequences of jailbreaking an ipod touch?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6765points) May 16th, 2008

anything i should know about before doing it?

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I don’t reccomend doing it. It could seriously mess up your iPod. I’ve never jailbroken my iPod before, so I’m not 100% sure. Plus, if anything goes wrong, you can always do a hard restore. I reccomend just waiting for the June update though.

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why wait? does it mess up the warranty or something? if so, cant you just restore it?

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its so easy now I don’t see why not.. You’ll love it.. Even with the next update I think the installer will be better. The great thing about it all if you don’t like it just restore it.
I have a jailbroken 16 touch and a 16 phone and have jailbroken over 10 touch’s with no problems.. So don’t worry.. Just do it and enjoy all the true capabilities that this amazing device can do.. Good luck..

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Yes, it does void your warrentee, so if something ever goes wrong and you can’t do a restore then apple won’t repair it for you.

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I think you should. Ziphone .org then give us your feedback. Good luck..

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Lol, the guy who’s never even jailbroke his iPod says it will break it. How do you know if you’ve never even tried.
There are a few set backs, sometimes things will crash, but all that happens is you get sent to the springboard or have to reboot.
There are alot of great apps and games tho. Emulators, musical instruments, calculators, solitaire, labrynth, bejewled, sudoku, etc.
Jailbraking is really easy and even if you do mess it up, you can easily just restore it in iTunes and have it back to normal.

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you should do it. You will wonder how you ever lived with a unjailbroken iPod. The only thing is that when I jailbroke my iPod to 1.1.4 with ziphone my youtube stopped working. Now I have to restore and rejailbreak :\

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@bassist king1

I haven’t jailbroken before, but I have friends who have. One of them cant use Youtube anymore.

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tell your friend to restore and rejailbreak

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I already told him, but I guess he doesn’t really care (he just uses vtap now.) I’ve seen (not experienced!) problems with jailbreaking. It looks pretty cool, but just to be safe, I’m going to wait till the June update.

atr408's avatar is another alternative to vtap. I prefer dailymotion

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I LOVE my jailbroken 1.1.4 iPod touch! It has crashed a couple of times, I just restored & re-jailbroke it. There are so many great FREE apps out there. I highly recommend it! If you get freaked out just restore it and it’s back to new again. I used ZiPhone, by the way. My YouTube didn’t work at first, but there is a fix you can install from Installer and it works perfectly. Go for it!

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I tried all of the fixes but they didnt work

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They worked for me…

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from what I’m hearing it seems it is easy to fix. I’ve also researched and found that it shouldn’t be possible to actually brick your iPod by jailbreaking. Who knows? Maybe I’ll jailbreak my iPod…

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you should

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i unlocked it, but it did brick my ipod touch, so i waited for the battery to die, then i restarted ziphone. however, the sound doesnt work all of a sudden, which defeats the purpose of having an ipod touch

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jus restore and try again.

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I just jailbroke mine and had a blast using it! I had NO problems at all. I used ziphone. But I don’t want my dad to find out so I had to restore it. :-( But if you ever get a chance to jailbreak, you should try it out! :-D

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is it easy to restore and rejailbreak your ipod touch because i just got miine and i do not want it to break

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well i never tried it can anyone tell me should i

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so there is NO possiable way for an ipod touch / iphone to be broken by jailbreaking

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i found out about jailbreaking after i got my ipod touch, i tried to do it but failed miserably lol but is it possible to jail break an ipod touch 4g with 4.3 version update and if so can you let me know how i can do it, or they say my update is too high to jailbreak so is it possible to downgrade an ipod to a 4.0.1 or less? plz let me know if u can

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