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How much Marijuana would you have to be exposed to in order to have a drug test come up positive?

Asked by Judi (40025points) December 9th, 2011

My daughter and her husband went to a Metallica concert the other night and a few people were smoking pot at the concert. They didn’t stay around it but it brought up the question, “What if her husband were random drug tested tomorrow?
Would being at a concert where you could smell it make it come up positive?
I have not been around it for 35 years, so I know testing must have come a long way since then.

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According to this study realistic passive exposure is not enough to reach the Dept. of Transportation level of 50 ng/ml.

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what about law enforcement? do teace have a higher standard?

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what happened to my fingers up there? It looks like I was the one exposed to to much pot! Sorry for the typo.

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I don’t think just being around it is enough to make it show up at all. If anything, maybe if they were drug tested the next day, there’s be a tiny tiny amount that probably wouldn’t matter to anyone anyhow. But not days and certainly not weeks after.

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Sits back and savours the aroma from this thread. Like Amsterdam.

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My husband said he saw one of those name generators on Facebook where a friend’s Native American name was “Dancing Smoke.” We are going dancing tonight and he said it made him want to get stoned and dance. Thankfully they don’t drug test you in retirement.

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drink water…..second hand will not show up in your body…...or did they inhale?? O,o

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Chances are unless they feel it, there’s not a whole lot in their system.

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