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Say you are into a band or artist, would it be more interesting if they blogged about their personal life as well as what they do artistically? Or just wholly focus on their artistry?

Asked by whitetigress (3129points) December 9th, 2011

Is there a limit? Should they be separate blogs but both easily found by a fan? Maybe it adds to more exclusiveness when the blog is focused strictly on their works? What are your overall thoughts. No off topic trolls please :/

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I like hearing about their personal lives as well as their private lives, for the most part. It’s kind of interesting.

What I don’t want to hear about, though, is their political views. That’s annoying. I’m ok with artists talking about what kind of toilet paper they use, or how they get better gas mileage, or whatever, but as soon as they start going on about politics, I’m instantly turned off. (I should note that I don’t like explicitly politically motivated art or music to begin with, anyway, so that’s important).

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I only care about their music. Maybe some funny stories about their daily lives, but keep it mostly to the music.

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Artistry and inspiration. Really not interested in how they spent their day.

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An insight into how they live their lives would go quite a way in understanding their artistic work and see where they’re coming from. Then you’re understanding their music as an expression of themselves and not from a shallow consumption standpoint.

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I’ll focus on bands but the idea applies to pretty much all artists.

With a handful of exceptions, I know bands only by their music and that’s what I’m interested in. I’d be interested in “personal” blogs of each members’ musical endeavors (in and out of the band), their personal comments about their music, even their interest or comments on others music.

Unless I know them personally, I really don’t care what they do otherwise outside of a philosophical sense. In those instances where I do know them personally, blogs can be a handy if general way to keep up to date when they’re off doing their thing.

Though nothing takes the place of getting together and sitting out on the porch with the grill going and a cold beer.

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This is a good question for a change.; like the late great Zappa said; shut up and play yer guitar.

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I wouldn’t mind if they posted about their personal lives once and a while on their main blog for the band, but if there were constant posts about going shopping or hanging out then I imagine it would get a bit dull. General posts should be separated. Most fans just want to hear about all things related to their art. They could very well have a lot to say and be charismatic and great writers, but it’s not difficult to set up a separate area for that.

Also, I’m a horrible person, but the only time when I cannot stand when artist’s post their political views is when I either disagree with them or if they are particularly whiny and seemingly uninformed about issues.

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I would be interested in reading about an artist’s personal stuff, first, only in passing and second, if and only if they create enough songs which I find great to listen to.

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Blogs and tweets are strictly supplementary so I think it’s totally up to the person as to what they choose to write. I’ll either read it or not. Chances are very small that anything they wrote would negatively affect my opinion of them. On the other hand. There are a few creative folks, musicians, actors, writers, etc. who I have come to appreciate a lot more because their tweets or blogs are ridiculously funny or clever or just plain awesome.

It’s neat to be able to see a little further into the minds of people you already admire.

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Their personal life I believe drives their art. So for me I would want to know about their personal life as well, and I would definitely read the blog.

My Morning Jacket is my favorite band on the earth, and I would LOVE if they had a blog talking about their personal experiences :)

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I enjoy reading about someone I admire’s personally life as well as professional providing it has come from them and not made up or exagerated by the media. I would enjoy reading a log where they talk a little bit about their personal life.

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