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If you are the US President, how often, how long and what would you most likely do on your vacation?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25895points) December 9th, 2011

Year in and year out, US Presidents are being criticized for taking a vacation by those who think they would gain political advantage by doing it.

If it was you sitting on the White House, how would you conduct yourself when it comes to taking a break? Would you work your schedule around as to avoid criticism or do whatever pleases you?

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First term or second? Politicaly speaking – it makes all the difference. Perception is often reality.

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Four times a year for a week, or maybe two weeks but one less time a year. I’d try to arrange working vacations, so I could get tours when I traveled to other countries. I’d combine vacation with diplomacy. Take a day or two in each place for that. I’d invite the leaders to go with me on my walks. Hiking diplomacy or swimming diplomacy I’d call it.

I’d take a family vacation for a longer period of time each year. I’d probably go the same place I go now.

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@zensky Both I guess. : )

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Second term I’d take every other day off – spend most of my time at the ranch golfin’ fishin’ cussin’ shootin’ Dick Cheney – waitaminit – that was Bush.

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@zensky at least he didn’t need to make two trips with air force one to get there with his family.

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Why did his submarine sink? It had screen doors to keep out the flies.

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With the modern communications equipment, I don’t have a problem with him taking vacations.
I do have a problem with him taking vacations when he tells the rest of the country they have to sacrifice to get through the tough times.

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I would take two weeks in Hawaii each year. A week or so on the New Englad coast, either Nantucket or Bar Harbor or Cape Cod. And a week of skiing in the Rockies.

I’d play tourist like @wundayatta when I was overseas, but presidents have to take their vacations somewhere in the 50states.

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