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Has anybody ever used

Asked by theredjawa (480points) May 16th, 2008

The prices seem way to good to be true. I was just wondering if anybody had ordered from them. I want to see if its a scam before I order.

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It’s a bootleg site. They’re listing stuff that hasn’t been released yet.

For example:

They’re listing all seasons of Picket Fences whereas only season 1 has been officially released:

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Thanks a lot.

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TVDVDSTORE is a nightmare to deal with. No tracking info, no order.
Steer Clear of them and their sister companies

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I ordered from, and got my mrechandise. Excellent quality, amazing menus, and really an great deal. I got Columbo. It took a while because it came from China, and I wish I could have called someone. They came thru with the merchandise. I would order again

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All of these sites are the same folks and do not sell released DVDs. At best you will get damaged goods sent from china. They are likely connected to tvdvdaddicts, dvddonkey, dvd avenue etc… The verbage and artwork is the same. so if the pattern continues you may also receive mysterious charges to your credit card. They are on their third or fourth pattern/identity change. Slightly different look same words FAQs etc…different headers. My favorite qoutes from these sites “These are brand, in stock and ready to ship.” and the navigation tab “GENDER” instead of genre. and the super cool “The Berne Act” references. Bottom line if you want to watch a show and don’t find it on Amazon or another reputable site it is likely “bootleg” If you still want to watch it there are sites that tell you exactly what you are getting, buy it there or find a trader. Hell I know I’ll die before all 20 seasons of Gunsmoke are released so I’ll watch it any way I can.
Happy Viweing

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These are the facts about the DVDs so far.

1)There are 31 public domain episodes. These are episodes #19 “The Gunmen” thru to #49 “The Spitfire” when these episodes were recorded the copyrights somehow ran out and were never renewed. These made them public domain and you can find them on several DVDs by all kinds of different companies.

2)In 2003 there was a box set released called “The Best of Bonanza” which had episodes that were not public domain such as “Bullet for a Bride” and “The Crucible”.

The primary reasons behind them not issuing a season block collection is…

1) The size of the series. There were 14 seasons/430 episodes which made Bonanza one of the longest running shows in history. Many of these episodes are not even shown anymore and all are in desperate need of being digitally remastered and cleaned. With a show this size it’s a had thing to accomplish when most shows are an average of 6–8 seasons long.

2) The actors estates. 3 of the leading cast members are no longer with us and one of them (Michael Landon) wrote and directed many Bonanza episodes which changes how the royalties are fashioned for those episodes. The royalties are another big issue to make sure all the money goes to the right estates in the correct amounts.

3) The public domain episodes. With most of the 1st and 2nd seasons out on DVD already because of that botched copyright. Starting the show in season block sets does not appeal to the company because they believe people won’t start buying the sets till the 3rd season.

4) They’ll lose money in syndication. The channels that are currently airing Bonanza are worried that if the show is released that no one will watch it on TV anymore. This is a stupid reason in my opinion as I know these box sets will most likely run $80 at least, and because of that fact only the die hard fans would buy them and even then if they could afford it. Ratings may drop a little but I highly doubt it’d make a resounding effect.

I hope this helps answer your question. Sorry if it’s a bit lengthy but I wanted to give you detailed explanations as to why. Many fans have waited and waited for these collections and we are all getting frustrated. According to Bonanza Gold Magazine there will be a release sometime soon but as to when is anybody’s guess. Trust me when I say that when and if Bonanza is ever released my staff and I at Bonanza Brand (our website) will be the first to know. In the meantime you may want to consider looking up the German collections. They are complete seasons and even though the menus and boxes are written in German you can watch the series as it was shown in English uncut and digitally remastered in sound and picture. They are very nice sets if a little pricey.


I ordered and paid $200 for the complete Knotts Landing tv series (from 1980.s) and it arrived in bad packaging/ copied from tv, no proper dvd discs and I cannot get a refund.

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I have been caught for the first time and it cost me dearly. I ordered boxed sets of “Perfect Strangers”, “77 Sunset Strip” and “Ed” which were all to be Christmas presents. They arrived from China, damaged and pirated. Perfect Strangers is unwatchable, and still has the ads in it. 77 Suset Strip is pretty well unwatchable. Ed is not too bad. All copied from the television and cost a fortune. I contacted store and asked for a return address for a refund and received an email from “Mike” who apologised profusely and said that if I watched all DVDs they would replace any damaged ones and any damaged packaging. No return address given. Terms and Conditions state “Return purchase within 30 days for a refund for any reason whatsoever”. When I emailed a second time – no reply. I have done my money – don’t do yours.

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You goptta be VERY careful. They say that they have the ENTIRE Barney Miller show. EVERY EPISODE, EVERY SEASON. I did research a couple of years ago and Sony, who owns the rights to Barney Miller (back then) had only released Season ONE and publicly said that ‘THERE WILL BE NO MORE SEASONS RELEASED.”

So how/where did these people get “all 170 episodes”?


And what really sucks is, if you Google “Barney Miller DVD” these “people” come up as one of their “Sponsored Links”. Does Google even giove a crap about this? Probably not.

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I ordered the Hawaii Five-O Entire Set (284 episodes-29 DVD’ s) for less than $70 and when I received them there were 5 discs that were defective. I notified customer service (Mike) and they were replaced and I didn’t even have to return the bad ones.
I considered that I got a good deal and the only complaint is the shipping time involved (they ship from China).
I will do business with them again.

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hi , i purchased the johnny cash tv shows from these crooks , 30 dvd,s in the set , they arrived shoved into two video cases , nothing like the advertised item , of the thirty dvd.s only one half worked , they are not watchable in any way , mike said he was going to send me 15 more and if they worked i would get the rest , guess what , they never turned up , i would advise anyone against dealing with these people , they cost me heaps , i am in australia so postage wasn,t cheap either.

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YES they are scammers..just dispute through your CC

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