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Would you be using Windows 8 when it comes out?

Asked by reijinni (6846points) December 9th, 2011

Knowing what you about windows 8 so far, will you move to the new version or choose a different OS?

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I have been playing with the Beta in a VM. In its current state there is not a chance in hell I will install it on my mothers computer. It would be good on a tablet but a huge stinker on a desktop.

Hopefully they are busy fixing it.

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Nope. My standing policy is to not buy Windows until it’s on its second service pack.
I still run XP on my computer. Its long-due replacement is more likely to run 7 than 8; I don’t like the app-inspired interface.

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I doubt it, from what I’ve seen so far there’s nothing that exciting. It better be all that AND a bag of chips to impress me…then I may consider grabbing it.

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From what I have see so far, not a chance in Hades.

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Why would I want a poor imitation of MacOS? If I wanted a Mac, I’d own a Mac. Every Windoze since 98se I’ve been forced to spend the first few hours after installation hunting down and turning off every obnoxious, cycle-stealing, control-hiding, RAM-gobbling, alleged “feature” they’ve added to make their OS less efficient. I was recently forced to go from XP to Win7 in order to fit more RAM in my rig (driver support for XP64 is poor at best) and I am extremely unhappy with quite a few things. Even after turning off Aero, switching to classic windows, removing Exploder, and turning off active desktop, I’m still left with an unwanted and unremovable tablet-style ribbon at the top of every window, and “libraries” and “homegroups” icons which cannot be removed from the desktop with anything short of a registry hack which, when I attempted it, fuxx0r3d my install so badly that my RAID interpreted it as a hard drive crash and “corrected” it. Win8 (“You don’t need a Start button, trust us!”) can bite my crank.

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I just got WIn 7 a couple months ago. I like it and I haven’t heard of any compelling reason to put it on a desktop. As far as I can tell it’s more oriented to tablets and appliance (tv, media center, refrigerator) where a touch-screen or Kinect will be the user interface more than keyboard/mouse.

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I also have Win 7 on my new desktop PC. And I have Linux on my old laptop. (I originally intended to replace Win 7 with Linux on my new desktop as well, but after I got it home and used it, I discovered that I rather like Win 7; and since I paid good money for it, I didn’t want to just throw it away).

As for Win 8, I see value in having all devices (computer, smart phone, tablet, TV, GPS, refrigerator, toaster, vacuum cleaner, etc.) all have the same interface.

On the other hand, a computer is more than just an appliance. While it’s okay if you see the same interface upon turning it on, I still want an option to get to the traditional Windows desktop and use my computer like a computer. If the desktop is gone, or buried under several obscure layers of “motions” to get to it, I’ll stay with Win 7 (or, better yet, Linux).

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Seems like it would be better on a tablet and since at the moment I have no desire for a tablet, I probably won’t find it to be that much of an upgrade.

I have played with the Developer Preview a bit and while it’s not that bad on a laptop, it certainly seems like a better tablet operating system. Until PCs get a trackpad as good as that of a Mac’s (Mac OS X Lion, for example, would work well on a tablet but the Mac’s trackpad allows the simulation of a tablet’s functionality), then I probably won’t be using it on a laptop.

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Seeing as I’ve been almost Mac exclusive since 1989…nope.

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Once Win7 starts to phase out, I will be using Linux full-time.

Win8 has some cool ideas under the hood, but I see it as the next Vista; half-baked, overly optimistic, unstable, and just plain horrid.

As for the UI, I loathe and abhor anything that sacrifices functionality for simplicity. If I can’t do what I want/need to do with an OS then that OS is utter shit.

@SmashTheState A correction; Win8 is actually a poor imitation of iOS :p

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@jerv Have you noticed if the Windows OSes tend to alternate, in terms of net crappiness?

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@Nullo Yes, and that is why I said what I did.

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I just bought a brand new PC that runs on Windows XP. It does everything I need.

So, no. Absolutely not.

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@mattbrowne I wonder how long that one was during on the shelves. I mean, Win7 has been out for a couple of years…

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