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What is your opinion on piercings?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5957points) December 9th, 2011

I honestly love getting piercings. Too bad I only have four.

I’m trying to convince my mom to let me get my lip, nose, and bellybutton pierced. But, NO! It’s un-attractive. PSSH!

Anyway! Do you like them? Should I get anymore?

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I have had a lot of piercings in my lifetime, so obviously I like them.
I definitely prefer them for young people, since they are significantly less permanent than tattoos.

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I can’t possibly advise you what to do; personally, I am in favor of one hole in the ear.

“Less is more,” as someone once said.

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I currently have three holes in each lower ear ear lobe, and one piercing in the top cartilage of my left ear, plus my tongue bar. I had my nose and eyebrow pierced for quite a while.

So I guess that means I like them. =0) I think they are just as attractive as any other jewelry- most look fine, some are just gaudy and entirely too much.

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I can’t stand them. Sorry.

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I have admired the multiple piercings and plugs of friends, but personally would never have my own skin pierced. I don’t like needles and I’m not the biggest fan of jewelry. It’s a strange weight on my skin that I always want to tear off. That’s easy enough to do with watches and necklaces, but not as easy with a stud in your earlobe.

When parents come into the equation, I think you really need to consider why you want them, how you are going to pay for it (because if mom says no, then you definitely need to be able to pay for it yourself), and really demonstrate that you know how to take care of them during the healing process and whatnot. Anything done to your body is not a decision to make lightly.

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I have heard people say piercings are less permanent, but I have an ear piercing that I put an earing in every 5 years or so. It’s open, no problem, and it is an itty bitty regular old ear pierce in my lobe.

Personally, I prefer minimal piercing. 1 or 2 holes in each ear, although I am not turned off by more in the ears, and a simple post in the nose is fine with me. I think piercing a tongue is awful, and I highy advise against it. Also, through the lower lip, any part of the lip, not attractive at all. Belly button I find unnattractive also, and I relate it to sex. I would not be ok with my young daughter (if I had one) getting a belly button pierce, or a tattoo on her lower back, because of the message I believe it sends to men, even though men are thinking sex anyway. Still, I don’t think young girls get it, they just think its cool.

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I think they are sexy. But it can be overdone. And it sounds like you want to overdo it.

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I like them on some people but not on most.

My opinion of people living at home with their parents is it’s their rules as long as you’re in their home.

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What’s the point of metal hanging from a person skin?

I have never understood this.

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Don’t like them, and don’t want them.

They don’t appear attractive to me regardless of anyone or anything pierced with them, in any way. Nope. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. No what-ifs, buts, and ors.


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My daughter has about 7 I think, she is 24 now. 3 lip rings, a nose ring ( forgot what that’s called haha—) ears, tongue, and she had her sternum pierced which did really well, but she has removed it this last year.

I was rather freaked out at first when she was a teen, but, it’s part of your generations thing, just like my generation were hippies and smoked a lot of pot and wore shredded Levi’s and tube tops. lol

My daughter gets a lot of complements on hers and often people will say what @Neizvestnaya said, that they normally don’t like them but, they really like them on her!

They all go away relatively quickly if you change your mind, unlike tattoos which are forever.
My daughter loves her piercings but has yet to get a tattoo because she is undecided about what she might want to live with permanently.

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Everytime I see one that isn’t an ear ring or a tribal tradition, I think “whore”.

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Wow..that’s a big assumption with no factual basis, scary.

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See, that is what I mean, men think sex. Young girls don’t understand the message they put out there. It is the same with wearing thong underwear to give yet another example. Girl thinks no panty lines or cool. Men think that girl likes to f$&k. Just sayin’.

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I inwardly cring when I see facial piercings, the same way I would if I saw any other hole through a person’s body. Not for me and I’m not attracted to them. But I respect anyone’s decision to get them and think it’s a pretty dumb thing to judge somebody on.

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I don’t like piercings at all. I don’t have any, not even one on my ears. Some people don’t mind them and I respect that. But you sound like you want a bit TOO many. Yes to the nose, no to any other.

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I think it can be overdone, but in moderation, I think it’s kind of cool. Except for the tongue.

Just remember to get your piercings done someplace nice and clean. Ask to see their autoclave; if they refuse, walk away, and if they don’t have one, RUN!

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I have my ears pierced. My son has many more piercings. I prefer them to tattoos because they can be removed when you perhaps reach the point where you no longer like the look. Don’t go crazy though. I agree with @gailcalled, less is more. Keep it tasteful.

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My personal opinion is they look ugly.

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I work at a high school, and we refer to kids with multiple face piercings as “fish bait.” My personal opinion is that they are hidious! Ugh! Their eyebrows, ears, and lips are always infected, and that is NOT attractive. The tongue pierce makes them talk funny.

My daughters and I all have the standard pierced ears (just one in each, for a set of earrings) and I do have one daughter who has a belly-button pierce which looks cute with low-rider jeans, but it makes my stomach hurt when I see it.

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Cool for others, not for me.

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I can take them or leave them.

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I loved when I had my nose stud, thinking of getting it done again. But I think lip and nose is too much unless they’re super tiny. I don’t think eyebrow piercings look good on anyone. Bellybutton, eh, what’s the point (on me anyways) I was thinking about getting my nipples pierced on my bday but eh. Maybe someday.

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I don’t like them on the face other than the ears. Nipples, belly button etc are cool but risky.

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I find them unattractive and painful looking if they are anywhere besides the ear.

I do like tattoos, though.

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My daughter works as a body piercer in San Francisco. She has many piercings, but they are tastefully done, and don’t shock me too much.
My niece has a few piercings that are hideous. The barbell across the bridge of her nose is repulsive.

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They creep me out. When I see someone with strange stuff I wonder “What were they thinking?” It is a data point. At some point they thought that was a reasonable thing to do and actually spent money doing it. Can i trust their judgment on other things?
I can’t imagine how disgusting a nose piercing must be when you have a cold or allergies and need to blow your nose. Does it squirt out the hole? YUK! And kissing someone with a lip or tongue piecing? Forget it. I’ll pass. I’m not interested in a woman who prefers a piece of metal to the soft touch of warm lips.
By the way if you are in the market for a job, there are very few places where having piercings and tattoos will work in your favor. The market is already so competitive, why start off handicapped?

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Ok, so I am doing an official fluther statistical calculation and it seems most people aren’t fond of piercings in unusual places. I think you should wait, listen to your mother. If you still want to do it when you are out of her house you can do it then.

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I’m a big fan of piercings, but only if you take care of them. I can’t tell you how many infected piercings I have seen. It’s not just that they are unhealthy (which they are) but the infected area just looks disgusting.

Anyhoo, I think you should do what you want, as it is your body. I’m mainly a tattoo girl myself. I want to get rows all done up my ears and I might get a nose ring. Honestly, once I can support myself in a field where looks don’t matter, I would love to have lip piercings, eyebrow piercings, possibly a septum piercing and maybe a few transdermals, if I ever get up the courage. I was, honest to god, all set to get a couple done on the back of my spine until I did a little research. It’s almost surgery to “install” them and that just freaks me out too much.

@LuckyGuy: With all due respect, that seems unfair. There are a myriad of things that people spend money on that are, in my opinion, unwise but I don’t assume someone has bad judgement because of it.

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Not my style.

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@KatawaGrey You know I love you. But like I said, it is a data point. It does not tell the full picture of the person . However it immediately makes a statement that I interpret as not being the most responsible. Fairly or unfairly. To me, it does not show respect to ones own body.
I work with high paid engineers and professionals I’d have to look really hard to find one with a nose pieceing. (I honestly don’t think there are any.)
On the other hand, I can find plenty of piecings at the Tat Shop, Party City, Exotix’s Health Foods, and House of Guitars. I’m willing to bet those employees are not getting paid what my employees are
Regarding the sexual aspect. Lightly sliding my lips over clean, smooth skin is one of the hottest experiences I know. Light kissing with a touch of tongue is a prelude to wonderful adult activities. Having that metal lip ring click against my teeth brings me back to juvenile junior high days. I’ll pass.

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Hideous, ugly and pointless, but that is just my opinion.

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I am all for piercings if that’s what you want for yourself. (I have 2 pairs of ear lobe piercings, a pair of cartilage piercings, another single cartilage piercing, and a tragus piercing). But, there is a point where it becomes distasteful. My parents approved of and paid for all of my piercings, including my $50 tragus. Your parents don’t approve of the piercings, which will complicate matters. You seem to want to get a whole bunch of unusual piercings at once just for the sake of getting them, which is the wrong way to go about it. You should get piercings only if you think they will look good, think that they match your style and personality, think that they will not affect your future, and think that they really add something to your person. Also, safe, professional piercings can get really expensive, so be prepared to spend a chunk of money. Lastly, if I am right about your age, it may very likely be illegal in your state to get professional piercings in a tattoo parlor, and many tattoo parlors won’t pierce minors regardless of the law. Therefore, a good portion of reputable tattoo parlors would not pierce you, and obtaining the piercings somewhere else would be unsafe and unintelligent.

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I think they can look very unique and interesting, in a good way. Too many is too many, just like with anything else, but in moderation and in the right spot on the right person, I dig em.

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I think they’re very unattractive. Self-mutilation creeps me out. I don’t judge people for what they do to their own bodies, but I think I’m well within my rights to find it repulsive. As others have said, at least they’re not permanent.

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An earring in each ear, preferably gold and small.

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I like them. My son has them, my daughter has them. I would have them but I am too old. I live right now in an area where everybody is pierced and tattooed. It’s ok and I think it’s part of the evolving body art that people do.

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I have my ears pierced but have no desire to get anything else pierced. I often like piercings on other people, especially lip piercings. If you are of an age were you still have to get your parent’s permission then just wait it out. If you still want more piercings when you can make the decision yourself then go for it.

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Everyone. sigh Before you go making assumptions, I’m not like a rebellious teenager. I listened to my parents and said fine, I’ll wait till I’m a little older, and get one piercing at a time. It’s not like I want my whole face covered in piercings.

Also, I read somewhere above that I can’t go to a tatoo parlor? Well, there are pagodas in the mall that certify sterile guns. Claire’s, and then there’s Walmart but I really dont trust them.

I wanted a piercing because I think they’re cute. I thought about the lip, and not too cute. But I’m still with ears, nose, and bellybutton.

BUT! I did ask you for your opinions. So continue!

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@blueberry_kid: For ears, Claire’s is actually really good. I’ve got five piercings in my ears and four of them are from Claire’s. I’ve never had any trouble with those piercings. They’ve all healed up fine and quickly. I suggest Claire’s to every customer who comes in asking where to get their ears pierced. :)

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Just make sure the place you have it done at is visibly spotless and uses disposable needles.

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@blueberry_kid Stores like Piercing Pagoda and Claire’s in the mall don’t perform the piercings that you listed above (nose, belly button, or lip piercings) because using a gun used on any part of the body besides the ear lobe is dangerous. Even using a gun on ear cartilage piercings is not recommended, and I can attest to that because one of my cartilage piercings never healed properly, and I would have had it done in a tattoo shop if I could do it over again. I would like to reiterate that I am not at all against you getting any of these piercings, I’m just warning you of the complications of your personal situation.

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I second @Fly‘s advice. Do it at a tattoo shop. Those guys know their shit. At a store at the mall, it’ll be some clerk doing it who maybe had 5 minutes training by some manager who doesn’t know shit about medicine or the risks involved.

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A nose stud looks to me like a booger, and I always find myself staring at them to see which it is.

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