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Alec Baldwin - Justified outrage or spoiled brat.

Asked by YoBob (12823points) December 9th, 2011

So… I was traveling last week. I flew American Airlines on my multi-hop business trip and was somewhat annoyed at the passenger next to me who, after multiple requests to turn off all electronic devices, continued to fart around with her cell phone until the flight attendant had to ask her to shut it off. I thought it to be rude, self absorbed, and totally inconsiderate. After all, the FAA requires these devices to be turned off for a reason, they emit signals that can interfere with the instruments on the aircraft.

While eating breakfast at the hotel two days later I see this news story . Having recently been annoyed by a passenger with a similar disregard, I am of the opinion that Alec Baldwin is a spoiled brat that needs to come to grips with the fact that he has to turn his toy of during takeoff just like the rest of us instead of throwing a temper tantrum, running into the bathroom, and slamming the door.

OTOH, I ran into another passenger on my trip home who seemed to be totally behind Baldwin’s revolt against the flight attendant that was forced to finally ask him in person to shut off his electronic device.

Am I the only one who thinks Baldwin acted like a spoiled brat with a sense of entitlement?


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Yes, he acted like a brat. He could live for a few hours without his electronics that some people don’t even know what they are or can’t have one.

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You are not alone. (Although, In our private plane we never turn our phones or games off and it really doesn’t hurt anything.)
I hate the sense of entitlement.

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My opinion is you are being kind to Alec Baldwin by only calling him a spoiled brat.

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I think Baldwin should have shut off his phone.

Pretty much everyone I talk to associated with airlines agrees it is not disrupting radar signals or instruments, but there is a theory it might have the potential to do so. I mean seriously, think about it, if it has the potential, why can we use them at all? On the ground the pilot is using his own sightline and taking orders from the tower.

Now, on take off and landing extra safety precautions are taken, because it is the most likely time of something going wrong. All window covers must be up so passangers can see outside, items stowed away so people can walk through the aisles. I have a feeling the rule is more about these sort of things.

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@JLeslie , I think the fear is that if EVERYONE on the plane had signals flying it might cause problems. 1 or 2 won’t hurt, but WHO gets to be that 1 or 2? The best answer is as you said, Shut the things off for a few!

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Crap actor, sad tw@!

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Spoiled brat.

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This is similar to Titan football players I have stopped for a traffic violation. Most of them think they are above the law and therefore should not be ticketed.

I treat each person the same. They receive citations, just like everyone else.

I will say this, in the majority of my police career, I did not write nurse or doctor a citation, UNLESS, I caught them in a lie.

If they are on legitimate run to the hosital for a patient, I just give them a warning.

As far as Alec Baldwin is concerned, I hope they also took the pacifier away from him, so he really would have something to cry about. He is no better than you or I.

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@Judi But, why is it different at 30,000 feet? I am not arguing for people using their electronic devices during take off and landing, I just question the logic behind what “they” say is the reason. I think they don’t want to say, we are more likely to have an emergency during take off and landing so we don’t want the passengers distracted. Just my opinion/guess. No one ever told me that before.

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He’s far worse than just a spoiled brat, but we’ll go with that for now.

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I used to fly privately quite a bit and I never had to turn anything off. In-fact, I’d have my laptop on and an Ipod plugged in along with my daughter playing a game or something.
I don’t understand it aside from it is the airlines rules and it is FAA regulation for commercial flights. I think that they ask everyone to turn it off in case of an emergency or to make sure you pay attention to whats happening.
Is Baldwin a spoiled brat, yeah probably. Throwing a tantrum is not only unprofessional but it really hurts your reputation as an actor. I despise it when people in the public eye toss around their ego’s like they really matter.

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He’s a douche but he’s my kind of douche. Shameless attention getter. Last thing you would expect from a Hollyood celebrity, right? Lol.

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@JLeslie ; My husband always says, altitude is our friend.” The higher you are when something goes wrong, the more time you have to fix it.

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I have always thought he was a brat ever since he left that nasty phone message for his young daughter, so his latest antics come as no surprise.

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I think too many people are becoming spoiled brats. Somewhere, somehow, people started reading their Constitutional Rights as having the right to do what ever the hell they want, no matter what, and nobody has the right to tell them other wise.

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Well, certainly there’s a certain aspect of “spoiled brat” about him. No doubt. On the other hand, he’s not an axe murderer, either. Personally, I think the FAA is to blame for continuing to promote and enforce such an inane rule. Cell phones bringing down an airliner? An airliner being so totally dependent upon its fragile electronics that it can’t even take off? Silly. Stupid. False.

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Oh jeez…Alec Baldwin may be a brat, but, he is only one of gazillions of brats in the world.
He’s just extra bratty because he’s a celebrity brat.
Since I don’t carry a cell phone when I fly you only have to worry about me hogging the air jets..I want ALL the fresh, fake, recycled air I can get when I sit in a flying metal cigar for 1 to 13 hours.

Stay away from my air jets! lol

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@Coloma You can have mine, I hate air blowing on me, I shut them off as soon as I sit down.

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@JLeslie haha, It’s a deal! I’ll buy you a drink if I can have the air jets. lol


I’ve always known him to be a spoiled brat, after he yelled obscenities at his young daughter a few years ago, so it doesn’t surprise me that he acted like he did on the plane. Once a jerk, always a jerk. To me, he’s really a B-grade actor who makes a lot of publicity, and a lot of money, in part, for acting like a brat!

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Spoiled brat, but I really like the guy. He’s one of my favorite SNL hosts and I love him in 30 Rock. oh well

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He is an arrogant ass, as evidenced by his answering machine messages.
His outrage at being treated like he was one of the little people is an example of how deluded he is.

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spoiled 6 year old brat. He was playing an f“ing game. Shows you his mentality spot on.

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