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Where would you like to get a gift basket from?

Asked by figbash (7448points) December 9th, 2011

I’m strapped for time this year and as a solution wanted to send some holiday gift baskets with food in them to extended family members. This is a health-conscious group and I don’t want to send something they won’t eat – like Hickory Farms or flavored popcorn. Has anyone gotten a food gift basket from somewhere that you really liked?

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Harry and David makes some nice ones. Their fruits are very good.

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I was going to say Harry and David also.

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Another vote for Harry and David. My two fave guys this time of year.

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Petsmart LOL

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Harry & David. And not just the fruit (though, the pears are absolutely to die for), but the other stuff as well. Gosh, and now I want to get my hands on a pear ASAP…

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@Aethelflaed You just reminded me I have a pear that needs to be eaten in my fridge.

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As pretty as the fruit is in the H&D catalog, I have only ever ordered the stuff that is not good for me. And enjoyed it much more, I am sure!

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I’ve sent Harry and David foods several times over the past 20yrs, meats, fresh fruits, dried fruits, baked goodies and also ordered some of the same for my immediate family that I got to see for myself. Good stuffs, something for everyone.

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From Aperture Laboratories, (i.e. a Portal Gun).

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“Harry and David”

Eight pieces of fruit for 30 bucks. Holy crap.

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No, no, @Jude , go look at the cheesecake page. Fruit, schmoot. Confection is where the joy is.

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@JilltheTooth I can’t get over the 30 dollars, though, haha!

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I was thinking Adam & Eve before I read the details. We always make one from scratch for my Mom and Stepdad.
A food basket, not the other one.

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@Jude : I’ve had ‘em, they’re worth it, once a year. Seriously ranking high on the yumster meter.

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Mars. Maybe Venus. I just can’t imagine what would be in it, but I’ll bet it would be valuable. Or I could promote the hell out of it, and then sell it.

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Health conscious in a basket? The only thing I can think of is a fruit basket.

I’d prefer a gift basket from The Money Fairy, if anyone’s seen her.

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I was going with Harry and David’s too but another suggestion is Zabar’s – bagels ‘n stuff.

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well I don’t see how that wasn’t contributing.

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It was because the OP specifically mentioned “food” baskets. More specifically, health conscious ones.

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Still, I’m not the only one. whatever

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Okay, I would like to get a gift basket from Hickory Farms – from Mars for Christ’s sake.

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Nervous Nellie’s Jams and Jellies. They’re in Maine and have a thriving mail order business. Their jams, jellies and chutneys are great and they have some unusual flavors. I like the blueberry ginger preserves particularly.

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Shop local…fruit markets.

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I don’t know if you have a Capers Market where you live, but everything there is healthy and delicious!

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Edible Arrangements! They can be delivered to their door fresh. It would be a good idea because you mentioned they were health conscious. They’re fresh fruit baskets (arranged like flowers!) and you can have some of the fruits be dipped in chocolate for added fun if you want.

Holiday gift baskets do tend to be a bit pricey though. Have you considered making one yourself? It would probably be cheaper, since you mentioned that you were strapped for cash.

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@global_nomad ; I love edible arrangements but their customer service sucks. I have given them more chances than I usually would in different cities and more than half the time I get just crappy service, even though the product is good. I finally gave up on them.

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