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If you never took any meds, do you think you'd still be alive?

Asked by silverfly (4040points) December 9th, 2011 from iPhone

If we didn’t have any kind of prescription medications, do you think you would still be alive today?

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Without the Paxel I took for 18 months or so, I would have blown my brains out.

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Are you counting medications that were given in the hospital as well or just routine prescriptions that people take every day? If you are including the medications the hospitals use to treat patients, then no, I wouldn’t still be alive today. I would have died years ago after I became septic from a kidney infection (if not before then). If you don’t count those medications, I’d still be alive.

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Nope. I’d have died from about nine trillion different infections before I was 10 years old.

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If I had not died from an infection when I was a child, I definitely would be dead or very sick from my thyroid that started having problems several years ago. But, I am pretty sure I would have died from an infection as a kid. I get very high fevers with bacterial infections and flu, I would have burned up or had severe brain damage. Oh, and I had an ectopic pregnancy, so probably if I had not had meds for that I might have eventually bleed to death when it ruptured.

Yeah, I’d be dead.


Maybe, but I might have contracted a horrific disease like polio and gotten crippled——had I not been vaccinated as a child.

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I’m with @MRSHINYSHOES, if you count vaccines as “meds” then my odds were improved.

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I know for sure I would not. Pneumonia has gotten me bad enough a few times to be hospitalized on drip i.v.‘s and meds.

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I would probably not be alive. I had meningitis as a 2 year old and even with treatment it can be fatal, especially for young children.

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Yep. I thank god I have been healthy. The last med I took was….
Let me call and ask my Mom because I have seriously have not had a script that I know of.

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Probably would have died of a nut allergy years ago.

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Nothing really serious has ever happened with my health. Not because I take great care of myself or anything- this fall I thought I had a really shitty cold and dragged myself into work anyway. Later on I was describing my symptoms to the family doctor- sore throat, runny nose, headache, nausea, chills, fever, dizzyness, fatigue, and she kind of goggled at me and said, “You had the flu, you moron.” Well, the last part, she didn’t say out loud, but I could tell she was thinking it. I hope I didn’t get anyone sick.

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I am taking four different meds which I apparently have to take once a day for the rest of my life. If I did not have access to them, I probably would die sooner than I will if I take them.
(2 for blood pressure, one for thyroid and one for cholesterol).

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I got bacterial meningitis when I was 2, was in a coma for 4 days and was saved by penicillin. Without penicillin, I’d be long gone.

Without some meds to straighten out a serious hormone glitch (probably caused by the meningitis, actually) after I had my daughter, I would’ve ballooned up to probably 300 pounds and probably been dead by 50. The meds helped regulate my hormones and I lost 50 pounds.

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Nope, I would have died as a child.

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I would, yes. Thank the Lord.

My son, not.

My daughter would as well.

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Oh no I would have died a terribly painful death.

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No, I definitely wouldn’t be alive. I probably would have bled to death at age 14.

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No I would not be alive. I had pnumona as a child so bad my mom said the fluid was coming out of every orrafice the doc was amazed that I was conscious. I also had scarlet fever.
As of today if I did not have my acid reflux kill myself.

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