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Oops - I can't find my client's 1 BILLION dollars. How stupid do you think we are - Jon?

Asked by zensky (13418points) December 10th, 2011

Fuck you and all you swindlers.

Oh – and the question is how does this happen, sheesh?


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Sadly he has enough money that he will never see the inside of a jail cell if he truly is guilty. If he is not guilty then there is a chance he will blow it during his trial by spouting off with some moronic thing here or there that entraps him of something else.
One things for sure in my book, any politician with that kind of money is guilty of something.

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Picked up some bad habits when he held office

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He can’t find it because its gone. I wonder if he has Republican clients. Future headlines could be “Another Fool’s Gold Man Sacked.”

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Check out the movie Margin Call for a fictionalized account of what goes down as a brokerage house falls apart, in this case it was based on Lehman Brothers. They dumped assets at bargain basement prices in the last 24 hours. No excuse at all but a chilling portrait of the corruption of the system.

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Will do, Bubby.

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I love obedient kinderlach!

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Un ich vel es ton zeyer shnel.

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Yeah! I hope his clients are all hard-core republicans!!!

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Are you related to LuckyGuy?

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Come on, that’s pocket change. You could lose that down the back of the sofa and not notice.

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Deregulation is how that happens.
Capitalism is proven to NOT WORK without sufficient regulation to keep the playing field fair and above-board. If these twerps had to file properly audited financials regularly, and the agencies tasked with reviewing those audits were properly staffed enough to take a look at the books, this could not happen.

Add all the de-regulation/small-government yahoos to your FU.

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We are talking about $1,200,000,000.00
Now first, you’ll notice it’s mostly zeros, which means nothing…

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