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How many musicians actually listen to their own music on a regular basis?

Asked by RedmannX5 (814points) December 10th, 2011

I myself am a musician, and I’ve found that I listen to my own music quite frequently, sometimes with the intent of improving upon it, but sometimes because I really enjoy listening to the thoughts and ideas that I had running through my head at the time I was creating the song. I’ve always used my own songs somewhat like time-stamps, a perpetual journal of sorts, and whenever I have a sense of nostalgia (or when I need some good ‘ole advice from the “self of times past”) I listen to a song that I’ve written years ago.

I’m curious whether 1) you think that professional musicians, who pump out songs like they’re going out of style, listen to their own songs on a regular basis; and 2) whether any musicians out there personally listen to their own songs frequently?

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I listen to mine from time to time, but not frequently. Usually right after a really hot session I might look for the part I really enjoyed (we jam for about an hour and a half), and I’ll listen to it and maybe edit it a bit,

There are also a few favorites that I’ll come back to over and over, but usually not more than 3 or 4 times a year.

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Being a studion drummer for a while, practicing the song over and over again, before the actual taping, makes one sick of the song forever.


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I remember reading an interview with John Lennon, where he said that he doesn’t like hearing his old stuff, because it reminds him of the struggles he had that day in the studio, or arguments he had in the mixing.

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I probably listen to my old songs about once a month. Most of the time I end up editing them.

@john65pennington Yeah I agree, sometimes when I’m working on a song and it takes me awhile to get the details down, I get sick of it.

I’ve noticed the songs that have only taken me a short time to write oftentimes end up to be my best songs

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I think we listen during sessions. and learning.

But I love to listen to different influences. jazz, african, blues…...

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