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Where there any opportunities in the your life that you felt like you blew?

Asked by AtSeDaEsEpPoAoSnA (1502points) May 16th, 2008

That one interview that could have changed your life and career. That kiss you should have delivered on the cheek of the girl or guy you liked at that date and time. Stooding up for a friend when they needed you the most. Or didn’t raise your hand in third grade with the right answer because you were to scared.-I know the opportunites that I have missed, I would like to read from other personal experiences.(By the way I’m new to this, Fluther)

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First, welcome to Fluther.

I wish I had asked Jason B. to dance in the sixth grade, that I didn’t give up on softball or rugby when I got hurt, and that I had played in the Powderpuff Football game in HS (although I was out of the country for this one so maybe I don’t regret it so much..).

Hmm, there’s probably more..

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Perfect answer to fill that big void of curiousity. The first person to answer my question, you took my Fluther flower. Haha

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In college, I had to sit out of a raging party downstairs while finishing a term paper. After, a while, Cindy (cheerleader/homecoming queen/one of the hottest women I’ve ever met whom I’d being fantasizing about for two years) came upstairs, walked into the room where I was working with two beers, closed the door behind herself, and sat on the bed. She made small talk, and I (being so engrossed in my work) sort of blew her off. After about 10 minutes, she left. After about 20, I noticed.

The following day, I was talking to friend:
“Yeah, it was so weird, I was working and Cindy wouldn’t stop yakking, I wonder what she….?”

Then it dawned on me.

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I hope you got a good grade.

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Nope. Do you feel that you blew the opportunity to check your question for errors?

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Are you talking about the details part?

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Standing*, sorry people.

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calm down cheeb he said he was new

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I would feel that I blew an opportunity to 1) welcome you to Fluther, 2) to suggest that you simplify your user name and 3) to recommend that you proof-read before sending and 4) to apologize to my friend, Barbara Hayman, in 9th grade, for having done something mean to her.

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That’s one of them. I was really only referring to the question, “where (where is a place) there any opportunities in the (?) your life…..... ”
I know I’m being rude and I’m sorry but it really bothers me when I read questions like this, because then i have to read it again a few times as I try to figure out if you forgot to add a word (and what word it could have been) or if you just deleted a word but not all of it was deleted….... I don’t know why it bugs me. My boyfriend hates me reading anything he is trying to write.

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@all; we have agreed, I thought, that clarity brings good responses. Cheeb has a point. (Personally I find “stooding” to be charming, original and a non-word in English. Maybe it should be added to the lexicon?)

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I think maybe it has to do with playing that damn game, Text Twist.

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Its alright, I’m not offended. I would rather be told about a mistake, than for it to slide.

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@At; now that you are onboard; fill out a profile. It helps to know how old you are, what you are up to, your interests and skills, etc. Click on any of our user names to see our profiles (unless you are on iPhone. I don’t know about them.)

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A+++++ for spelling, you wouldn’t believe some of things I have read (or tried to read).

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I filled out somewhat of my profile, i’m just tired.

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Either that is second degree sarcasim or that was a simple compliment.

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@At; go to bed. (It’s sarcasm.) : D

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Well I have to go and sleep. The feedback was great, aggresive and passive, I hope to read more of all your comments again, so don’t stop even when I get off!.....I came up with the name for own enjoyment and I did proof read my work, I thought. But thank you for your advice and welcoming gailcalled. No harm done cheeb.

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it was a compliment!! My phone was about to die so I just wrote it as short as I could, sorry about that. I was trying to say that (with the exception of stooding, that I honestly didn’t even notice untill you pointed it out) that your spelling was above average (a+++++ an English teacher might say), I have read questions and answers on here that make me want to beat someone with a dictionary because the spelling is so bad.
Your spelling was correct on words I probably would have double checked myself on, and with the exception of 1 word, everything else was spelled right, they were just used in the wrong context.

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I should have invested in Google stock when I had the chance.

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@gailcalled: yes profiles work on the I phone. I don’t have a computer, but my iPhone is my life line. Us iphoners have our own iPhone version.! Amazing little creatures these iPhones! @at: Welcome! Hey! As deep as a teaspoon? I’m calling you teaspoon from this point forward!

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oh! Sorry, to awnser the question…. LOL…. Yes. Used to concern myself with it, but then I realized that I’m human. I forget that sometimes. If we didn’t have those moments, we wouldn’t be considerate passionate persceptive curious people. PEOPLE! :)

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@rich : LOL I just got that.

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@At, AKA as deep as a teaspoon – dig the username. Welcome.

my “blew it” moment – skipped Cornell University for a year in Europe after HS.

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@At; Welcome to Fluther! (yes, some can be VERY intense and nitpicky about grammar and punctuation, just warning you… ) :)

There is so many “blew it” moments… But
one thing I am proud of is that the “take charge” moments exceed the blew it ones..

One regret was not visiting my grandmother at the hospital on her last night she was alive. (not my fault, I was young and naive and thought she’d live forever)...

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P.S. I love your username, don’t change it. I was all confused from Spendy’s comment, but I caught on to what it was… Good eye Spendy.

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Impossible to say. Yes there are things I wish I had/hadn’t done, but I don’t know what it would have lead to if I had/hadn’t.
All I know is what I’ve done and where I am now and I always keep an open mind to opportunities that come my way.

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@cheebdragon, So stop reading if your had hurts!

Things I blew…..............wait until I have a day or two and a Cray computer to itemize them all. I’m thinking if I wait long enough I will forget most of the missed chances.

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@cardinal~ I can tell that your “had” doesn’t hurt very often.

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There are a lot of things I should have done but I was too busy doing things I shouldn’t have been doing, to notice them.

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I missed out on being a small part of a movie being made in my town. Johnny Depp’s Edward Scissorhands was being filmed in my town. I had a mobile dog grooming service at the time. I wanted to ask if they had a need for my services, but I didn’t have enough self confidence in my work, so I passed. It turned out that my competition got the work, and their name listed in the credits. DRAT!!

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No last words to utter scamp?

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Soon, but I am at work, and I’m swamped, ha ha!! That’s too deep a subject to answer quickly.

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I will be looking forward to see your answer(no pressure).

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