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Have researchers discovered away to prevent a greater increase in Bacterial infections?

Asked by philosopher (9165points) December 10th, 2011

I hope this will work in the hospitals and in the community too.
The Hotels across the country and the Exterminators maybe able stop the spread of Beg bugs with it too.
I think our world needs this because antibiotics have been over used for too long. We need to fight bacterial infections without over using antibiotics.
See link.

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That’s a fantastic breakthrough if it really works as advertised! Is it toxic if someone is in the room and the compound get accidentally released?

Don’t let GLaDOS have control over when and where it gets released :-p

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I don’t know the answers. I hope it works.
A women actually came to work at my husband’s office with MRSA. She went into her office but people found out and were upset. Mangement sent her home.
I heard that Hospital workers spread this infection into the Community by walking around the Community in Scrubs they where in the Hospital.

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Maybe I am misunderstanding but this doesn’t seem like something that could replace antibiotics. It might prevent some infections for which antibiotics are used, but it seems to be a method for killing bacteria outside the body only.

But still, a great step, if it truly kills 100% of bacteria. The problem with hand sanitizers and similar that kill “99.9%” of germs is that the .1% that’s left are usually the strongest ones, and eliminating their competition gives them free reign to reproduce, speeding up the development of “super germs.”

The only other thing I wonder about is just how good it would really be for us if we started overusing this. Exposure to bacteria strengthens our immune systems. Of course hospital patients have more pressing matters to worry about, but outside the hospital I don’t know how good of an idea it is to try and avoid all bacteria all the time.

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I think the goal is to stop the spread of the infection before more people are sicken.
Many times healthy people can fight off infections without antibiotics.

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