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Vintage Audiophiles: How do I hook up speakers to my H.H. Scott Receiver?

Asked by dave97404 (4points) December 10th, 2011

Each left and right pair of speaker screws is labeled H & O. The speakers themselves have red & black connectors. Which way do I pair them up?

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I don’t know what H and O mean, but I do know that you need to connect them consistently. Connect H on the amp to red on the speaker, and O on the amp to black on the speaker, for both channels. You can reverse the connections, H to black and O to red, as long as you do it the same on both channels. If you reverse one and not the other, your bass will cancel out on both speakers to a large degree.

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What @HungryGuy said, maybe “H” for hot and “O” or zero for ground.

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There should be a set of connections on a terminal strip for left and right channel output.

The model of the Receiver may vary for the connections. Simply put, find the left and right channel output and determine the impedance connection to match your speaker. There may be outputs for 4, 8, or 16 ohm speakers. If you are connecting up one set of speakers that ensure you match it appropriately. If you use two 8 ohm speakers in parrallel then use the 4 ohm connection.

Type 208 Device schematic,%20Power/HHS_208_SD_web.jpg

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