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How do I handle this situation?

Asked by KateTheGreat (13635points) December 11th, 2011 from iPhone

My best friend just moved to Idaho, which is all the way on the opposite side of the United States to me. He moved in with his girlfriend (who is 17 years old) and she’s a bit immature.

I texted him today and I immediately got a text back from his girlfriend, pretending to be him. She is known for her jealousy and clinginess, so I suspect this behavior from her.

She said things like: “I hate you, leave me alone” and “He just said he didn’t like you and he never wanted to speak to you again.”

This doesn’t sound like anything he’d ever say, so how exactly do I respond to this? Do I ignore her? Do I just say something rude? Do I dig out some dirt she doesn’t know about just to fuck up her little game?

Truth is, this pisses me off. I can’t stand women who do these sort of things.

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This might be the time for a phone call to him to clarify.

Take the high road always. Be courteous, friendly and mature.

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Ignore it. Girlfriends come and go. She will be history this time next year if not sooner. Don’t put him in a bad spot if you want to continue to be his friend.

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I would have texted back, “LOL. Very funny. Tell (his name) I love him and will talk to him soon.”

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Call him and tell him what is going on. After that it is out of your hands. You do run the risk that he thinks you are the troublemaker so prepare for him to tell you to get lost.

Not exactly the same but I once told my best friend in highschool that his girlfriend was cheating on him. In the end I was the bad guy and I didn’t talk to him for about five years. So pick your battles. It sounds like you are running on emotion right now. Give it a couple days and see how you feel.

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Just because you don’t like women who do those sorts of things means that you should not respond to her on her level.

Ignore it.

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I responded “Send Nick my love and have a great day. :)”

Thank you, kind people of Fluther for your phenomenal advice.

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Email him or call him and talk to him about it, if you’re close enough to feel comfortable doing that. But….if he moved across the country to be with her, he must kinda like her….so it might just make you look like a bad guy? I don’t know, it really depends on the person. I’d be annoyed too. Maybe wait til he contacts you, rather than trying to get through him past his annoying girlfriend?

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I would call him and tell him what happened, and let him know if he can’t talk anymore because of his jealous girlfriend, you feel very sad about it, but will leave him alone. That you hope that is not the case, and if it is, you will be around if anything changes. Bow out gracefully, don’t make him choose, he will see what an idiot she is soon enough.

How old is your friend? His girlfriend is only 17 and he moved many states away? That sounds a little odd.

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To all: I did call him and clear things up. She’s just a bit jealous.

@deni He moved away to “create a new life for himself” for the most part. He just decided to move over there since his long distance girlfriend lived there.

@JLeslie He’s 19 years old. He’s a crazy little loon.

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@KateTheGreat Well, you don’t have to worry, because that relationship won’t work out. Just sit back and watch. Don’t make waves, don’t be mean, or revengeful, or competitive.

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Be smart. Call him and talk to him. Texting is not the ticket. Don’t do any of the things you mention—they all sound high school.

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@JLeslie I really hope so. Thanks!

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I have no idea how I came up with this. Right now, maybe your long distance relationship with your best friend, well, its like he’s a kite flying way up there while you’re on the ground holding the string, pulling or extending it so he could remain airborne. Happy.

Sure, this kite of yours is having fun right now, flying with a bird ( a robin? a bat? ) and so he hardly notices you. But you still have the string. It connects you to him and he to you. Just try not to do things that may cause that string to snap. In other words, always be the cool smart caring chick that you are.

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