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Who gets albinism?

Asked by Mrs_Dr_Frank_N_Furter (587points) May 16th, 2008

It is for school so I was wondering if you guys( also gals) could give me some good sites about it. can’t use wikipedia though. Like who gets it? Age, gender, ethnicity…stuff like that

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This is from the Mayo clinic which is a very reputable medical site:

This site from a university addresses your specific question about “Who gets albinism?”

FYI I simply googled albinism. Then I usually look for reputable sources. Then I check the site to see the quality of the material.

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so did i

and thanks

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@Mrs_Dr_Frank_N_Furter Sorry if I obnocted. I did not mean it to be supercilious. Good luck with the paper. Albinism occurs in all ethnic groups. It also occurs in animals, which I have always thought was interesting.

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ok thanks. yea it’s for health class and I chose this because I’ve always wanted to learn more, but never really have had a good reason

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also, what reasearch is being done

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@ Marina ~ well, I admit it, I automatically looked up obnocted to see what it meant. It doesn’t (hee hee) but thanks for teaching me a new word: supercilious :0)

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Albinism exists in the bird kingdom, also.

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McB: I too checked obnocted. For the moment, in standard English, there is adj, (obnoxious), adv. (obnoxiously) and noun (obnoxiousness.) Given the flux of language, that might change.

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@mcbealer and gailcalled. My coinage. I have used it for years. What do you think?

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ha ha ha ha ha
we were duped Gailcalled

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Right now, it grates, but you know me, kid…the Keeper of the Flame. I have trouble w. to journal, to suicide, to impact…but more and more editors are letting them thru, if editors still exist.

@Marina; do your editors approve? Does The Chicago Manual of Style? Does anyone still care about Strunk and White?

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Gail, you are, we all know it, the Keeper of the Flame, and loved for it.
But you know language reproduces therefore evolves faster than fruit flies. I like “obnoct”, the verb, and will try to spread its use.
Didn’t we all know what it meant without ever having heard it before?

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@gailcalled Wouldn’t use it in formal composition. Of course, people care (I am one of them) about style and usage manuals. My first job was at TV Guide magazine where a bunch of us tried for years to stem the use of the word host as verb. That ship has now sailed. I agree with you about journal, but I used it, SEO whore that I now am, in a recent article about keeping a journal to relieve stress, because it scores so high on Google searches.

On the other hand, you would have been in a world of hurt as Shakespeare’s editor since he coined words all the time. If language was considered static then, we would not have what we have now.

@susanc Thanks. That’s why it came about and I have never had one person ask what it meant.

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True, true, to all of Susan’s and Marina’s remarks. And it is also true that I knew exactly what “to obnoct” meant. So, wear dose one draw the line? Its definately a complacated sichuashun. Langwij is changing soo fast do 2 txmsgng and a younger generation that doesn’t understand that in order to break the form, one should know it first.

I bet that some of Shakespeake’s language fluidity arose from his handwriting – a waste of shame? And have you ever read any of Joyce’s handwritten drafts?

Now, translate SEO for me…

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@gailcalled I do deeply admire and respect you as Keeper of the Flame, and I hope you will keep on keepin’ on.

Sorry for the jargon. Search Engine Optimization.

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Maybe we who can should simply lead by example and skip the nagging. I am, personally, getting tired of being the class scold. (Although I am happy to read that there are others.)

A wise new friend said recently, “I gave up editing the world long ago. Too thankless and painful, but the bad ones that jump out from books (the book editor seems to have gone the way of the dodo bird) newspaper pages, menus, etc., still make me wince.”

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For the record, my penchant for editing is a result of having learned English as a second language during ages 7–9. I developed a love for etymology, and have been looking up unfamiliar words in a dictionary ever since.

I guess then, obnocted= Marina’s sniglet

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