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If you live in a country in the Southern Hemisphere, do your Christmas shows have summer backdrops?

Asked by JLeslie (60506points) December 12th, 2011

Or, countries close to the equator that have warm Decembers.

Most American movies and cartoons for Christmas have snowflakes and snowmen. White Christmas is held as the ideal Christmas. Of course, parts of the US never see snow on Christmas, but the majority of the country is cold, and at least has a possibility it might snow.

It got me wondering if countries like Argentina and Australia have their own movies that show Christmas during the summer?

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It isn’t Southern hemisphere, but we went to Hawaii one Christmas. Had a wonderful time. Santa Claus and palm trees. They had a different tree for decorating than the firs and pines of colder climes. Hawaiian shirts and muumuus instead of cold weather clothes.
I think the snowy climate background came from northern Europe origins of Kris Kringle and Santa Claus. After all, the original Christmas was in a warm climate.

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@Sunny2 Yeah, I lived in FL, and Christmas was palm trees and sunshine also.

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Australian TV channels do not go crazy with Christmas content generally (sadly because I love it). When they do, unless it is locally made content, it would usually have iconic Northern Hemisphere imagery such as snow, Santa in a big red suit (not really appropriate for 40 degree Celsius heat and traditional Northern hemisphere Christmas tree shapes. I tried to find a real Australian Christmas tree, but most of the pictures I could find didn’t seem to represent native trees (I think this is a native fir tree).

There really aren’t many traditional Australian (or Southern hemisphere that I know of) Christmas symbols. We use kangaroos instead of reindeer sometimes. There is a kid’s song, Six White Boomers

I just did a search of the TV Guide for any Christmas content and basically, there are cooking shows, carols, old sit coms (Frasier, On the Buses????) and it would appear kids cartoons. Not a lot else that I can see. I would say all of these would have iconic Christmas symbols but it is likely to be snowflakes, frost, conical trees and very little relating to the Southern Hemisphere.

I will watch more closely and report back in a couple of weeks.

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It’s a mix of the northern and the southern, and not nearly as good, proper Xmas feeling as in the Northern Hemisphere.

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