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What is your most treasured article of clothing?

Asked by erichw1504 (26417points) December 12th, 2011

Do you own a peice of clothing that is extremely treasured to you? What is the story behind it? How long have you had it for? Will you ever pass it down or dispose of it? Do you wear it or just display it in your home?

It could be anything from a t-shirt to a hat to a bracelet.

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My vintage leather jacket. I love it!

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A purple batwing cardigan that I got in the sale 7 years ago. I have sewn it up a few times but it still comes out with me on nights out and is super comfy and warm and goes with everything.

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I have a “Marlboro Man ” western fleece vest that I have had for 7 years now and it has served me well.
It is dark brown with sheepskin fleece and pockets and a fleece collar.
Hippie cowgirl traveler and her Marlboro girl vest. haha

It has been on many a trail ride, fallen in the dirt, been stepped on by horses, it has been around the world with me, from Taiwan to Taos and back again. It can be dressed up or down, looks great with scarves and long sleeve shirts and sweaters.

It looks especially great with my authentic, deerskin cavelry riding gloves. :-D

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I have a baseball all-star shirt from when I was six (1995). It says (town) all-stars 1995 and has my last name on the back, and it’s amazing, and it still fits me. I cherish it. And I hate nice clothes because I always lose them, so that’s about as good as it gets for me lol.

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I have an old and stained cashmere sweater that MIlo loves to sleep on. He is particularlly pleased because pink flatters both his green eyes and white and black skin.

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I suppose a necklace that my grandmother bought for me a few years before she died. It’s not particularly expensive, but it’s pretty. I’m not really a superstitious person, but I always wear it on days that I’m feeling insecure, or for events that I feel like I need a touch of “good luck.”
I don’t actually believe that it’s good luck, but I think it gives me a little confidence boost, for whatever reason.
It’s a circular pendant with X’s and O’s, with the O’s made out of crystals. It’s the only gold necklace I own, because I usually wear silver. But, I love it.

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I hung onto a fur coat an old roomie of mine had bought me because it was a really nice one and nothing I could afford to replace. When the coat was stolen from my car a few years ago, I was kinda crushed. I still have the detached hood from it in my closet and feel a twinge every time I see it or touch it.

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I have a sweater that I love. It is so soft ans comfortable and warm.

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If you include jewelry, it would be hard for me to pick one single item. I love my great grandmas engagement ring, and also a ring my husband bought me about six years ago, and also my original wedding band. I wear them all, just depends how dressed up or down I am and what color metal I am sporting that day.

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I have an army jacket that my mother bought when she was my age at the army surplus store. Love it – it’s got so much history behind it. Also a dress my grandmother sew for my mother, this is especially significant since I never knew her. Also it was one of the only nice things my grandother did for my mom….is it’s special that way too.

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I have a few that I couldn’t choose between.

I have a leather jacket made from buck skins that I personally harvested.

I have a pair of custom boots with uppers made from an elk taken on a hunt with my dad in the early 80’s. (they even have an inlay with our old family cattle brand on them)

I have another pair of boots that I personally crafted by hand

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My v-neck sweaters. The story behind them is: one day I tried one on, and I looked handsome as fu*k, so I’ve been wearing them ever since. Lol.

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My football shirts, official merchandise & all that.

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My necklace, that my dad gave me for my 20th birthday: it was his. I wear it every day.

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My underwear. NOTHING comes between me and my underwear.

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The leather Harley Davidson jacket my boyfriend bought me for my 21st birthday. If my house was on fire and my animals where already out, that jacket would be the first thing I’d grab.

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My black hoodie…oh how wonderful it is to feel its cozy, comfy embrace on a cold winter morning.
It’s like a hug from a sheep

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Nothing springs to mind so I suppose not.
I’m fairly ruthless when it comes to getting rid of things. Every year I have a clear-out and donate what doesn’t fit/look good anymore.

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Glad you are including jewelry. Lately I find my choice in clothing is getting more plain as I seek out solid color shirts I can wear my handmade jewelry with. And my favorite piece of jewelry…probably this necklace.

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I just bought a bra that is awesome. It’s red satin and keeps everything in place.


My collection of black turtleneck shirts and shiny men’s leather dress shoes.

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I have a few favorites, but nothing I truly treasure

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I have my Dad’s 145 mph racing jacket. He got it doing a quarter mile, back in the late 50’s or early 60’s.

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My British Army jacket ( Falklands issue ) now the weather has turned really cold, keeps me all warm & snug :-/
I bought it from the army & navy store years ago; it comes out every winter & does the job it was built for

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I have this Syracuse University t-shirt that I got from my dad. It must be at least 20 years old, it’s stretchy, thin, and has a couple holes.

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A ‘vintage’ pair of lacy nylon panties, from the 50’s or 60’s, and that ‘Fit Me’.

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I still have the flannel bath robe I wore in the
hospital while having both my sons 25 years ago.
I will never part with it as I love the memories.

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I have a bright yellow tee shirt with the face of Spongebob Squarepants. I wear it because it occasionally makes people smile at me.

I have a sky blue topaz stone of 29.5 carats set in a gold ring which I had custom made when I got a job promotion. The only place I have worn it is Las Vegas where most people assumed it was not real. (29.5 carats is a little larger than my thumbnail.)

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