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Mellow Foreign Music?

Asked by arnbev959 (10893points) May 16th, 2008

I’m looking for some kind of mellow music in a language that isn’t English or Spanish.

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Try Enya. She is really mellow, and she does alot of celtic music.

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try some hindi music—not the upbeat dance music, but the old school stuff.

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How mellow? Like in chill-out, classical, post-rock, pop, new age, indie… ?

Anyway, I would recommend Sigur Rós, they’re from Iceland, and their vocalist sings in a made-up language they call “vonlenska”...

I personally think that ”( )” (their 2002 album) is beautiful, “Takk…” (2005) is very good too and somewhat easier to listen… last year they released Hvarf-Heim, a double recopilatory album with studio and live tracks.

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Check out Eivør Pálsdóttir She has a magnificent voice, sings in Faroese, Icelandic, Norwegian, Danish and English and her music is available on iTunes.

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Angelique Kidjo (sp?) is really good.

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i love the album “endless vision” by Hossein Alizadeh & Djivan Gasparyan – it’s an armenian and iranian collaboration, a recording of a live concert and it is so beautiful

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i also really love selda bagcan, she is turkish, i wouldn’t exactly call her music mellow, but she has some stuff that’s more folky, some that’s more psych-rock, and some that’s more traditional. same with erkin koray, another turkish singer.

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Also, check out the Cafe del Mar series…lots of good stuff in there too!

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as felipelavinz said Sigur Ros. They are amazing.

The theme song from an anime called Elfen Lied is in latin theres just something ive always liked about it. I cant understand a word of it but i think its beautiful.

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Sigur Ros, as mentioned before. Also, Royksopp. They are INCREDIBLE!

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Rabih Abu Khalil (especially the CD “Nafas”); any oud music (an oud is an Arabic lute); Jan Garbarek in any of his permutations (+ Norwegian folk music; with the Hillyard ensemble doing Gregorian chants; with Anouar Barhem and Zakir Hussein).

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