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What is it with idiot drivers and four way stop intersections?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36648points) December 13th, 2011

I’m specifically referring to the idiots that pull up to the stop sign, there’s not another car anywhere nearby and they sit looking around for a while. Just go through the intersection moron.
As always humor appreciated.

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Wariness of invisible cars? Coyote chasing roadrunner? Beep! Beep!

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They scare some people.

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You would be describing my mother. She felt all her adult life that if she took one misstep, “they” would be watching and would be able to “get” her.

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@gailcalled “They’re” not?

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Not only that, but the people who drive up to a four way stop and when they have the right of way, they sit there and wait for everyone else to go. So everyone ends up sitting there wait for the person with the right of way to go.

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I get more upset when there’s a busy intersection and nobody pays attention to the order in which everyone else stopped. So, some people go ahead of their turn and others wait through their own turn.

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@janbb: I still have to beat “them” away from my psyche all the time. My mother, unfortunately, programmed me to worry about “those people.” Much as I try to unprogram my central processor, the strictures remain on the hard drive.

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@gailcalled Mothers! Oh damn – we’re them too!

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@erichw1504 That would be me. It’s my OCD kicking in. I know when I got there, but I second guess or get distracted, and by then I’ve missed my turn. People like me should not be allowed to drive cars…

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Or what about the ones that ignore the rules of the road and gesture you to go first?

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I will always come to a complete stop, as you do not no if there is another car who does not realize there is a stop sign, or a cop on your tail.

In your example, every one of those cars you complain about had at least one vehicle behind them (yours), so they may have wanted to follow the rules of the road to a “t.”

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@Nolefan Thanks for your answer. Welcome to fluther.

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Some people get flustered. My boyfriend is like that. He’s horrible with them. I bite my lip and growl inside my head and grip the door because it annoys me so much when people are like that at four way stop signs. Now I’m in the car with one. So I help him. “GO!!!!!!!”

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It is the law that you come to a full stop at any type of stop sign. I still look and I even look when a light turns green because I’ve been nearly killed on several occasions by cars coming out of nowhere at full speed running a red light or stop sign. What does aggravate me at four-way intersections is when the person who should go first doesn’t.

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