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If you were in prison solitary confinement would you fear this?

Asked by smilingheart1 (6420points) December 13th, 2011

Suppose you were a POW or a Christian missionary imprisoned in a foreign nation. Suppose that you knew that at some point in the day on a daily basis your impounders were going to come and “pound you” that is give you a little attitude adjustment. Do you believe you have the constitution that could handle this treatment? If you knew it was going to be at a certain time of the day, would it make it more or less difficult in terms of dread. I mean, could you get psyched up to handle it if it was at a certain time but would you be in continual stress if you never knew when it would be?

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Oh Jeez – sounds awful either way. I would have a terrible time with torture.

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Been there one could say and here I am. Broken in some aspects yes, but still functional. I’m pretty sure I can handle it better than I did as a child.

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Why just POW“s or Christian missionaries/ What about the rest of humanity who are jailed often, for both just and unjust reasons? (Muslim women who were raped, students who hiked into the wrong country, reporters, and the unlucky, those who were convicted before DNA tests?)

To answer the question, if you are expecting to be tortured, the time and scheduling don’t matter a hill of beans.

Do you have a second account here?

(An impounder is not the same as a jailer)

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The combination is 12, 4, 36, the explosives are hidden in the basement, the microfilm really does not exist, her name is Lola, Goldman Sachs just bought put options on Microsoft, and they’re real, and they’re spectacular!
Need anything else?

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@LuckyGuy Was that before or after the icepack was applied? You do tell all!

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I don’t think I could handle solitary confinement, period. I know there is evidence that most people will crack if left alone for too long, but I think I would snap really easily.
And no, I don’t think I could stand up to torture. My will to live would be broken pretty quickly.

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I have no idea. But what choice would I have except to “handle” it? What’s my other alternative? To just die?

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One thing I have learned over the years is that in combat, there is no way to predict which person is going to become a “hero,” a coward, or just one of the great majority of soldiers. I think the same thing would apply to this situation. You never know exactly how you’re going to react until the situation actually arrises.

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@ANef_is_Enuf I would actually want solitary confinement if I was in jail but that’s just cos I’m convinced that I’d be someone’s “bitch” the second I got there.

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Sounds just like school… Just zone out and think of something productive with my extra time until the beatings stop.

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LOL! True. Very real possibility. I like to think that they’d have to kill me first! Heh!

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@tko7800 long term solitary confinement is dangerous and believed by many to be considered a form of torture. It has a profound effect on the human psyche, and can exacerbate or potentially cause mental illness. Humans are social creatures, and most of us need interaction just to survive.

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@ANef_is_Enuf I totally agree that it would be torturous to be confined alone, but I’m just saying I’d personally take that torture over the torture of being with a big guy named Bubba.

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full of twists and turns: the route is remote and tortuous.
excessively lengthy and complex: a tortuous argument.)

It would, indeed, be torture to be in solitary confinement, Bubba or no Bubba.

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@gailcalled, I only grabbed out of the air a couple of groups, for example. Apparently, I should have put a qualifier on my question. The heart of the intent of my question is my concern actually about the human nervous system and responses to stimuli. While I have never been impounded in the sense of the question that I specifically asked, I have a form, as do thousands of others I am sure, of post traumatic stress disorder and I was actually surveying jellies for stimuli that triggers the emotional response.

I do not have any other account on fluther. Check me out if you wish. Why do you ask please?

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I’d just curl up in a ball and wait to die.

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The best time to fear is before it happens and while you can still do something about it. The best way of stopping it ever happening to you is to stop it ever happening to anybody else.

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@smilingheart1: That comment about PTSD and its details would have been a better, clear and more encompassing question than the one you asked.

“I have a form..of post traumatic stress disorder and I was actually surveying jellies for stimuli that triggers the emotional response. What has been your experience?”

There’s your perfect question. Being kept in solitary confinement and/or tortured is only one example. You simply put the cart before the horse.

The question you asked and the details you originally mentioned reminded me of another fluther’s writing style.

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From what I’ve witnessed, humans are hard to kill so I’m sure I would adjust and take it but probably my body’s pain receptors would go wonky close to the time of the daily beating.

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Too many people think depriving someone of patte de foi gras is torture!

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I would take solitary confinement anyday over being beaten and raped by the general population. I’m sure however that at some point this feeling of dread or fear would eventually turn to anger and let’s just say that something would break since I would choose death over endless torture anyday.

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I think I’d prefer to know when they were coming to give me a pounding. Dreading that time of day is better than that constant fear, the constant paranoia.

I think I would be able to handle it.. I don’t know if I’d have the will to live anymore, though. Therefore I’d just wait to perish.

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