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How can I pitch a product to a company?

Asked by polycinco (187points) December 13th, 2011

I have a really good idea for a product, I designed it and it has been built. It is a really nice product and I think people would like it a lot. How do I go about showing people in big stores like Urban Outfitters or such and ask them if they would be interested in selling my product in their stores?


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Contact the business development manager or the senior buyer.

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If the product is patent-able, then you should already have a patent (or have applied for one) to protect your rights to the idea. It will help a great deal in your presentation if you can present specifics, including engineering specifications, options and costs (and in case it’s at all safety related, some kind of professional engineer’s certification as to its utility and efficacy).

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This helps a lot, thank you. I have the prices and all the specifications, however I still need a patent for the idea, is there a place online where I can get this done or is it better to go to a lawyer.

Thanks a lot!

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@polycinco Lawyer unless you have experience at it.

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You’ll certainly need a lawyer to acquire a patent (as indicated by the question you just asked). It’s not a simple, cheap or quick process, but it’s necessary to preserve your intellectual property: novel ideas can be very valuable; succeeding copies can have next to no value.

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I understand thank you very much for the help!

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@polycinco an alternative is to pitch the idea to smaller outfits who may be more excited by it. You can build up a solid base, and take those numbers to prove there’s a demand when you later go into a meeting with a major player. It’s just a different approach.

Good luck with your venture. Please post a link to your product in the thread if you get it up and running.

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