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What do you decorate your Christmas Tree with and why?

Asked by InkyAnn (2441points) December 13th, 2011

My tree, which is a real one, is decorated with a mixure of family heirlooms used on the tree every year to remember the past, some new ones for the future and just really pretty ones I’ll see at the store that match the theme I’m going with that year. We use a tree skirt that’s been in my family since i was a kid. I also love tinsel and lots of the tiny colorful lights.

So whats on your tree and why? Please be descriptive.

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I have what my sister refers to as my ‘classy tree,’ and then I have a smaller tree for the kids to decorate. The small tree has all of the fun, colorful, playful ornaments, garland, multicolored lights, and a big star on top.
The ‘classy tree’ is just a color themed tree. This year it is white and silver. All of the bulbs are white or silver, different sizes, some are glittery, some are transparent. I also have lots of glass icicles hanging from it this year, as well as glass beads draped between the limbs. I made the topper out of some white poinsettias and silver branch looking sprays. I tied it off with some white and silver wired ribbon, and the ends are coiled to frame the sides of the tree.

Kind of hard to describe, actually. I’m sure I have photos handy, I’ll look.

ETA; This seems to be the only picture I have on this computer, but you get the idea.

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I have crowns to celebrate the King of kings and jesters because it reminds me of a Bible verse I like. I also have a big ribbon and a few very special family ornaments.

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@ANef_is_Enuf Wow Your “Classy tree” sounds beautiful! And I love that you have a small one for the kids, alot of my friends with families can never decide which to go with each year, the “Grown-up tree or the Fun tree”.

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@ANef_is_Enuf , you and my daughter would get along. She has the kids tree and her “department store tree.”

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@Judi What verse?

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@Inked_up_chic , 1 Corinthians 1:18 “For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. ”
I have no problem celebrating fools.

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@Judi I really like that too!

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‘Department store tree,’ I like that. lol.

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@ANef_is_Enuf Just like I pictured it, very beautiful!

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Not a lot, though this year we have something new. Thanks to my 13 year old, our tree is sporting “balls of steel”.....

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Our tree is covered with ornaments my husband and I and our children have collected over the past 20 years. We add at least 4 new ornaments each year that we pick from the nursery we buy our trees from. Mostly old world Santas, wooden ornaments, icicles, snowflakes, snowmen made of glass, a few ceramic birds, ornaments our children made in grade school and a few ornaments from my childhood that are 40 years old now. We like a more natural theme. Our lights are white or clear.

We top it off with candy canes, bows and an old world Santa on top.

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@jonsblond I like that, it sounds like it has a “warm” feeling to it.

@EnchantingEla “Balls of steel” you say??

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Yep. Two silver balls riding side-by-side. LoL
He’s 13, wants to be a biochemical engineer and has a wonderful sense of humor.

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Intestines. Because I’m f***ed up.

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I call my a Celebration Tree, to be all inclusive!
garlands of beads, a festive topper, angels, special glass ornaments, lights and tinsel ( bright)
some purple accents

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I am a bit upset at the moment. My tree, was supposed to be decorated by my children at the beginning of December and instead is up (we have a fake one because Australian real trees don’t look like the real trees from my childhood and so we bought a fake one), but not decorated.

I have a huge box of decorations I have collected over many, many years. The first tree ornaments I bought many years ago. Plus my son’s first shoe. The plaster tree ornaments each of my children made. Other ornaments they made at school. Timber stars they painte. The balls that have each of our names on them and the names of all our pets (past and present). Plus the ornaments my children have given irreverent names, such as “Hobo Santa” (he is sitting on a park bench), “car jacking Santa” (he is driving a car) and so on. They have given quite a few of them names. Sadly though, the box has gone missing. We cannot find it anywhere and I am really upset about it!

So… right now my tree is still bare and Christmas is getting closer. I don’t want to buy new ornaments. I want my old ornaments!

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@Bellatrix that is awful. Hope you find it soon.

My tree used to be beautiful silver and purple until my children got into the act, aided and abetted by my husband who inherited some gaudy red and gold decorations. Now everything and everywhere is festooned in the most tasteless display you’ve ever seen. I protest every year but secretly quite like its brazenness

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The severed heads and limbs of christians go on my tree. I am so serious.

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We have the kitschiest Christmas tree ever. We should call it our Kitschmas Tree. It has small, multi-coloured lights that came with the tree (it’s artificial – we never get a real tree because this is cheaper.) The first thing we put on it are our baby ornaments (purchased the year each of us was born, respectively; mine has my name carved on it in my mum’s penmanship, which is pretty nifty.) Then we each hang up our favourite ornmanent (mine is Odie with little gold angel wings.)

From there it’s a free-for-all to see how much stuff we can cram on the tree without it looking unbalanced. We have Garfield, Coca Cola (Santas, mini vending machines, etc.), a variety of snowmen, sleighs, snowflakes, and bulbs (green, red, and gold.) We have Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Harry Potter, Scrooge McDuck, some Teeny Beanie Babies and… some USC stuff (my dad is an alum) and a couple of Barbie ones (because my mum is still obsessed), and pieces mixed and matched from different sets.

It looks so random, but deocrating it is my absolute favourite part of the holiday.

Edit: Oh and we don’t have a topper right now. We usually put an angel on top that lights up and plays music, but it doesn’t connect to the lights we currently have. Last year, we had a picture of Tobey Maguire making a really silly face from Spider-Man 3. It’s an inside-joke. My parents hated that it was up there, but we thought it was hilarious.

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@Blackberry You and @King_Pariah sould get together and share the joy of the season ; )

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Christmas decorations found and now happily displayed on the tree.

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All kinds of crap!

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