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How do you meet genuine people?

Asked by guesswho (133points) May 16th, 2008 from iPhone

I’m curious how socializing comes easy to certian people, and why is it hard to find people who are genuinly good people and don’t want to hurt you, or lie to your face?

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I’m a genuine person, so looks like this question is one way. Nice to meet you. =)

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By getting to know people, usually you know if someone is truely genuine right off the bat. Opening your heart to strangers.

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Because I socialize more easily than others does not mean that others are more or less genuine, it’s a reflection of who I am and not who they are. The only way to know how genuine people are, is to keep yourself at an emotionally guarded distance, give them the chance, but don’t be roped in so easily. It’s entirely possible to be friendly and emotionally safe at the same time.

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If you expect people to hurt you and lie in your face, they will. Cheer up, have a positive outlook on the world and trust your gut feeling (and not only your brain) when meeting people.

If you feel socializing isn’t easy for you, maybe you’re more the introverted type. That’s okay, not everybody loves to socialize. Maybe read “The Introvert Advantage” (

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I think the key is to give everyone a chance. Don’t expect them to hurt you, but be aware there’s a chance they may. Similarly, don’t be disappointed if they’re not your idea of an ideal, genuine person, but accept them for who they are.

In other words, approach it with an open mind. See what these people are about and don’t let your expectations get in the way.

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Do genuine things.

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It is important when meeting strangers for you to have a good posture and feel good about yourself. When you go out for the sole purpose of meeting new people, you end up meeting none. I would say just go out and have fun. Life is a laboratory where you got to try different scenarios. The people you see that are great at socializing have failed quite a lot in their pursuit, you just don’t know it. When you are able to meet new people give them your trust; it’s up to them to maintain your trust or not. As a rule of thumb I trust that everybody will come through, but when it comes to doing something important to me I only count on what I can do. I can only control myself, not others. anybody is free to do whatever they want, that’s where you’ll know who is a genuine friend who will help you in times of trouble, not just when everything is dandy.

Some classic books on the subject are: “How to win friends and influence people” By Dale Carnegie; “The Friendship Factor”, “Confidence”, “Bringing Out The Best in People” all these last three books by Alan Loy McGinnis; “Get The Best From Yourself” by Nido R. Qubein

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Find a cause you truly believe you can make a difference in, and volunteer. You’re likely to make quite a few genuine friends that way.

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You be the good person you want to meet.

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@mcbealer: wow! I never thought of that. Thanks a lot

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