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What do you think of genuflecting recently becoming Tebowing?

Asked by SuperMouse (30772points) December 14th, 2011

There is even a webstie dedicated to it. What is so intriguing about this athlete taking a knee that his name is now being used to describe genuflecting? He has been imitated and mocked and talked about ad naseum. What gives? What do you think of Tim Tebow doing this during games?

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He is a person of great faith, and it is totally genuine. I watched him all through college. It is who he is. He can’t control what people say.

He is the man of the hour right now.

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Remember when planking was the big thing? Geesh.

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Obviously, I think it’s stupid, but it’s just another fad. This is relevant.

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I’ve been a die hard Broncos fan since 1987. The NFL finally has a good role model. He’s not a murderer, drug user or someone who has fighting dogs, and some people still have to find something to complain about. Tebow has made the game exciting again for us Broncos fans. He reminds me of John Elway and why I fell in love with the Broncos.

I see nothing wrong with him praying like he does on the field. He loves the game and loves life and is thankful for everything he has. If we could all be so lucky.

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I like it. There aren’t many celebraties anymore who display their faith. And, it has been helpful to the Broncos. They went from being under-rated, to Superbowl possibilities,(In my opinion).

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@TheIntern55 do you really think Tebow’s bow is the reason for the Broncos Superbowl possibilities?

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@SuperMouse Maybe not the Broncos, but I believe his praying like that is what is leading to his success.

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@SuperMouse I don’t think it (the team doing well and winning games) has anything to do with his faith. It’s the media that is making a big deal about his faith. I think Tebow’s spirit and energy are an inspiration to the team. The defensive players usually sit on the bench resting when the offense takes to the field. Now when Tebow is playing you’ll see many of the players standing on the sideline to watch him play. He’s exciting to watch. The team has a renewed energy. There hasn’t been a good rushing quarterback in a long time. At least I haven’t seen one since the likes of Elway. I think Tebow has helped lift the spirit of the entire team. The defense deserves a lot of credit too.

I just find it really sad that people are giving him a hard time about his faith on the field. Why does that have to be such a terrible thing? (and this is coming from me, an agnostic/atheist. haha)

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I think what he is doing, what Tebowing is, is not the same as genuflecting. Genuflecting is briefly getting down on one knee and crossing yourself in front of the cross. Catholics do this in church. It’s not the same as getting down on one knee with your head down and your hand on you forehead, and praying. Genuflecting has not become Tebowing because they’re not the same.

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@jca before I posted this question I double checked the meaning of genuflect on and I think what Tebow does fits the definition.

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Nothing really wrong with it. It’s the exaggerated response and reaction that makes it controversial when it really isn’t. Even if it ended up inspiring the whole of Christendom to genuflect themselves six times a day, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, imo.

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If he figures it helps him then why should anyone care. I find it much more desirable than some of the rituals athletes go through such as the silly dances after a goal etc. And so much classier than the hakka the NZ blokes go through, that is an insult to their opponents.

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I thought this was relevant to the thread.

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Does any true believer think their Lord really favors the Broncos to win this season, while leaving millions of kids to stave, women to be raped in undeclared wars, and innocents slaughtered?
Like the Country Music Awards, it gives religion a bad name.

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@LuckyGuy The media is giving religion a bad name in the case of Tebow, not Tebow. He isn’t thanking the Lord for helping the team win. That’s not what he is doing.

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