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How should one bring back Jean Jackets?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5864points) December 14th, 2011

I love denim with all my heart. And I would love to wear jean jackets without being criticized. I basically asking for fashion help.

How can I wear them, but along with today’s fashion?

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They have already been brought back—by celebrities, no less.

Go ahead and wear one. You’ll be fashion forward.

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Yeah I wear one occasionally, in slightly warmer weather it has to be said.
Old classics never die, just take a look at Mickey Rooney for example.

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Be your own fashion guru! If they suit you, wear them. Develop your own style. Be a fashion leader rather than follower. Go and have a look in second hand clothing stores and you will probably be able to find them cheap too. I saw an actress wearing one with a beautiful dress the other day. It looked really cool. Feminine dress and a short jean jacket.

You may find your friends start to say .. “Wow @blueberry_kid is so stylish! She always looks great. Wish I could put looks together like that”. Be confident!

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You bring something back by wearing it. People wear articles of clothing because they are fashionable, but those articles of clothing are only fashionable because someone started wearing them.

It’s basically a cycle:

• A few people start wearing a particular article of clothing.
• That article of clothing becomes fashionable because those people wore it.
• Other people start wearing the same article clothing because it’s fashionable.
• The article of clothing becomes unfashionable because so many people are wearing it.
• A few people start wearing a different article of clothing.

Be one of the people who starts the trend, rather than one of the people who kills it!

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Step one: Don’t.

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As @marinelife said – it’s already back in style. Love it and wear it! :) You can do t-shirts, tanktops, flower blouses, or whatever underneath denim jackets….pair that with skinny jeans and flats and ta-da! You’ve got a cute outfit! :) Good luck!

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They left? I wear one all the time. One of the girls at work wears hers with a skirt. It’s cute.

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I’m with @chyna – I didn’t realize they were no longer in fashion. I often wear one and it seems as if the fashion magazines often show them with skirts, dresses, shorts, slacks, you name it. I say wear what you want and don’t worry about anyone else!

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I think they’re adorable with a flowy dress that hits just above the knee.
I know “flowy” isn’t a word, but it matches the picture in my mind better than “flowing.”

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Wear your denim jacket, but leave off the cowboy hat.

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I wear a jean jacket daily. Are you telling me that they were not in style?

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What? It’s really sad when you can’t wear something because you think others will criticize you. Keep in mind I am completely clueless when it comes to fashion. I wear what I want, when I want. If anybody is criticizing me, it must be behind my back, because I never hear it.

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I wasn’t aware that they were out of style. Magazines and celebrity photos often show them paired with floral dresses, LDBs, skirts, etc. If you feel that a typical denim jean jacket isn’t dressy enough for what you typically wear, you could try a denim blazer. They are stylish and comfortable.

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Thanks guys: But, as much as I would want to wear a frilly tank under it, I can’t. I live in Ohio. It’s cold. What else yah got?

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Jean jackets happen to currently be in style, but there are still right and wrong ways to wear them.

There one rule for wearing jean jackets is to never, EVER, wear them with jeans. The only exceptions are black/gray jeans or colored jeans, but even those can be “iffy.”

This slideshow shows some ways to wear a jean jacket in the cold weather.

My suggestions? Layering is key. Wearing it with a skirt/dress and tights is ideal because it will break up the boxy shape of the jacket, but other pants such as skinny khakis and skinny corduroys would look great with a jean jacket as well. Wear a brightly-colored hoodie or a chunky knit sweater under the jacket. Adding a button-up shirt into the layers will have a nice look as well. Accessorize with a scarf and short or ankle boots.

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Jean jackets never go out of style. Ever.

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@judochop Hate to burst your bubble, but trust me- they do.

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@Fly no-they don’t. They have been around since the 20’s and still continue to be reborn every season. Jean jackets are like cloth Converse, they are never going out of style.

This is me a few weeks back, in my jean jacket

I’ve owned countless jean jackets and the beautiful part of owning a jean jacket is that you can make it your own.

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@blueberry_kid A long sleeved cotton shirt works too

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I have to agree with @judochop. I’ve owned jean jackets since I’ve been in junior high school.
I wore one last Friday.

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Viva la denim!

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The only rule is dont wear one with jean pants.

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