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What can be more official than ditching three answers by accident?

Asked by DaphneT (5745points) December 14th, 2011

I am officially done answering questions for tonight. I have attempted to answer three questions tonight and blew all three answers away with just a keystroke. Does anyone else do this to themselves? Or might there be a more technical reason for being bounced back to the question lists?

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Do you mean that your answer simply didn’t get posted or that the moderators sent it back to get fixed or that you got censored?
If its the first one. I’ve don’t that. In a hurry I have forgotten to hit the answer button and moved on to the next question. Then I would later realize that I forgot to hit the anser button and post got erased the moment I went on to the next question.
I tend to do that when I’m really tired and quickly want to answer a question and log out.

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Do you know about the keystroke CTRL Z ? That will take you back to the last thing you did. Give it a try. It could save you a lot of time.

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Several times I have edited my post in the live preview. Poof. My carefully crafted, wise, opinionated response disappears. If it was longish, I didn’t always do it over. Lost pearls of wisdom. Feelings of frustrated stupidity. Shit!

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I’ve definitely done it. So frustrating! Usually, hitting the “back” button on my browser (Firefox) will bring me back to it. If it’s happening every time you try to answer, you probably need to either refresh the page or clear your cache and restart your browser.

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The backspace key will take you back a web page so if you have accidently clicked outside of the text box (which is easy if your using a laptop and your hand rests on the track pad) and the hit backspace you will end up at the questions page.

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Damn! Someone’s got to tell me who you have to bribe around here to get your answers to disappear like that! You have a definite talent, @DaphneT!

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@Pandora after sleeping on it, I think it was neither. I would have sworn that I hit a key and was suddenly out of the answer segment back to questions. More likely what @Lightlyseared says, except it cannot be the backspace key on this keyboard, my fingers were dropping rather than reaching. So, @wundayatta , try random keystrokes and see where that gets you.

Anyway, my strongest suspicion is of the upgrade work being done on my residential broadband service, interrupting my service. With any luck, tonight will be better. Now it’s blowing 30mph gusts.

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Perhaps if you got some sleep – and tried again tomorrow… you might discover which of the suggestions is correct. It’s always interesting to know if there is a technical problem – or whether it be something else.


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@zensky i will also have to type an essay and have tired hands again to see if i can duplicate my behaviours

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Pics or it never happened.

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OOps, I mean show us the essay or it never happened. Pics of boobs are also welcome. Wait; I hope you aren’t jailbait, too? Fluther has become the domain of many a 13 year old.

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@zensky not a likely happening, also not happening, not that age, but I’m still working the backstory for my profile
wait, are you one of the moderators? is this the type of stuff that could/should move to the chat room?

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[mod says] @zensky is not a mod. Since this question is in Meta, off-topic discussion is allowed. :)

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I shall accept such pictures, just becaus eI’m such a nice fella.

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