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Do you ever have weeks where everything you touch goes wrong?

Asked by Bellatrix (21228points) December 14th, 2011

My week seems to be going from bad to worse. I know it is just one of those things and next week will be different but cheer me up, tell me about your ‘week from hell’ what happened and how did you managed to keep a smile on your face (or not)?

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As bad as this sounds, my life is so boring at the moment. So boring to the point where I wish I could say I’ve had a bad week, or even a good one for that matter! Sorry you’re feeling this way. Sometimes it’s all in your head, just keep saying positive things to yourself. Cliche, I know, but maybe it’ll help. Just maybe.

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Weeks, yes…The past year and a half have been very trying. I keep my head up though. I do get scary thoughts and cornered in dark places but I keep my head up.
Let me give you the abridged version.
Random out of the blue divorce. then
Lost me house. then
Lost my job.then
Sold one of my exotic cars then
Had to sell my classic truck to keep head afloat. then
Got backed up on child support because I could not make enough money to even keep my utilities paid. then
Because I was backed up on child support, even though I have my daughter 49% of the time I could not get any state help with anything which meant I stopped paying auto insurance. then
my mother needed an emergency brain surgery to stay alive, in Cleveland…I am on the West Coast. She almost died. While there I had to turn down a job in Oregon because I needed to be with my family. I sold personal belongings to get plane fair. (Ipod, laptop, camera gear.)
returned home to find my motorcycle needing to be sold to keep the electricity on.
could not pay rent ($2500 a month).
Moved in to a small apartment for $850 a month with the help of friends. then
sold remaining camera gear ( I am sometimes a professional photographer). Had to get rid of my two dogs that I’ve had for years.
Lost my license because of backed child support.
got a kick ass consulting job! YAY! BACK ON MY FEET….
Worked it for two months only to find out the owner was selling cocaine out of his restaurant/bar and was having an affair with a bartender.
I left on principle
I now continue to consult and bartend and market, since the economy is coming back slowly in my industry….I have a camera again and I am getting caught up on backed bills and child support.
It has been a rough year and a half. I went from a comfortable six digit salary to shit in less than two years.
Things get better. Even when they are bad, they are not as bad as most in other countries.

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Thank you @ShadesOfWhite. It is all good. Just frustrating. I am normally very positive, today I just want to throw my hands in the air and say enough.

@judochop, you have had a terrible year. My thing today is a tiny little bit of frustration by comparison. I wish I could give you a big hug. You are right. No matter how bad things get for most of us, other people have it much worse. It sounds like things are getting better for you. That’s great. Really good to hear. Your child will appreciate the time you spend with her. Our kids and the people we love are really what matter hey? The rest is just icing on a cake.

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Yes absolutely. I would call it months actually. Months where nothing seems to be going right.

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Yes, I’ve definitely had weeks where it seemed like that. What made things better in the end? Me. I stopped blaming myself for everything that went wrong.

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Everyday during university final examinations.—- I just looked forward to after the exams… knowing that it doesn’t last.

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:-) I can understand that. “Why has my mind gone blank??”

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Good plan @AnonymousGirl. The things going wrong for me this week are all out of my control but nonetheless damn frustrating.

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I don’t know if this will cheer you up or not.

A month after my kidney surgery I had to go back to have a stint removed out of Ureter. Doc said it was no big deal and I didn’t have to do any special diet because it was just a quick office procedure. I asked if I could drink alcohol and he said sure fine… but stick with beer instead of hard liquor. I hate beer but hadn’t had one in over a year.

So my friends took me out drinking the night before the stint removal. I drank a lot of beer and ate a lot of pizza. I strolled into the hospital the next morning not feeling very well at all.

I was ill prepared for the procedure that awaited me.

Doc had me pull my pants off and recline back into this stirrup chair which looked like a medieval torture device. As I laid there completely exposed for all the world to see (including the cute nurse who said she’d hold my hand), the masked doctor waved a funny wand in my face. It had a hook that sprang out of the end with a light and camera attached. The other end was cabled to a computer.

“We’re going to put this rod through your Urethra, through your Bladder, and use the hook to drag the stint out of your Ureter where it meets the Kidney.”

“uhmmm… you’re gonna put that hooky camera thing in my ure.. ureth… ruauysll;gi…”

“Yes, that’s right… Up your Penis”… as he smiled and demonstrated how the hook jumped in and out of the #2 Gradeschool Led Pencil sized rod that was cabled to the computer… There was no way in hell that thing would fit up my penis! “Don’t worry… Skin stretches more than you think it does”don’t worry?

The Doctor disappeared as the nurse squeezed my hand and put a wood chuck in my mouth. “Bite down on this hard… you’ll need it”.

Poof! A little trap door opened up between my high flung stirrup legs and the masked doctor poked his head up wielding the hooky rod grabber right in front of my business.

“This will feel a little awkward because it’s going the wrong way down a one way street” he chuckled under his breath.

Biting the wood chuck, I tried to say “Wait! I have to go to the bathroom”!. But the nurse just squeezed my hand tighter and said “Don’t worry it won’t hurt much… not much”.

I felt everything… The doctor had no training in gentleness. And though the vicious growls behind my hard bit wood chuck could not be translated as well spoken English, it was understood by all that my message was clearly “YOU LIED MOTHERFUCKER IT HURTS LIKE FUCKING HELL GET THAT FUCKING THING OUT NOW!!!”

And then it happened… I couldn’t hold it any longer. The beer and pizza from the late night before had won the moment. There was nothing I could do to stop it. I tried to warn him but the woodchuck wouldn’t be denied muffling my anguish…

I spewed SHIT all over the doctors face!

For a short moment, the pain was drowned away in the relief of letting it all go. In a second joy was upon me. Heaven touches us in the most peculiar ways you know?

Alas, my moment of bliss was short lived. The pain returned as the doctor leapt up through the trap door and smashed his shoulder into the base of my throne. He dropped the hooky monster and stopped the procedure midway to wash his face and hands in the sink before returning to finish his work.

“We’ll have no more of that now… ummmkay?”

My eyes were bulging out of their sockets. And landing a pitiful gaze upon the nurses face they discovered her to be quite inept at keeping her laughter huddled under breath. She couldn’t look at me without snurkling deep throat and nose chuckles under flushing red cheeks that told no lies. Her hand squeezed mine erratically.

The doctor wiped himself clean and without making eye contact rushed back under the trap door to finish what he’d started. Gentleness was further away than before.


Well, that didn’t actually happen this week… but it did happen. I’d like to think that somehow, maybe, I’m a better man for it.

I hope your week gets better.

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Oh my god!!! That is horrible! Sounds like the vomit was poetic justice though! :-O

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It wasn’t vomit. But it was horrible.

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Oh that is even better poetic justice…I read spewed and my brain said vomit :D

Laughing here… oh it sounds as though he deserved it.

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Weeks, just weeks????????

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Lol @ZEPHYRA. I am getting that sense that people have months or even years where nothing goes right.

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Yep, I have long stretches of time like that. Hope your lousy week gets better asap. xo.

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I feel better already. Thank you Neffie.

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Oh hell yes. Lately, it’s been years! Keep your chin up, Bella. :)

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Oh my yes, that has been happening to me recently.
I cant even list everything thats gone wrong in the past few weeks. I will just tell you what happened yesterday…
– Firstly I have been ill for the past month with the most incredibly resistant UTI ever, doctors are stumped as no bacteria found but tests show there is something wrong, they just don’t know what, I have not been sleeping and continually feeling sick now.
– This makes everything harder to concentrate on my VERY hectic Masters schedule.
– I need to start data collection for my MRes in January but on Friday my tutor told me the project I have been assigned I cant start data collection til June which means I have 3 months to do a 9 month proejct. I dont know what I can do. He has since been ignoring me.
– I got my car broken into the other week.
– I received a security light in the post yesterday after my car got broken into which arrived broken. Need to send it back and wont get it sorted til after christmas now but I don’t feel safe in my house knowing my car is parked in the dark where it could get broken into again.
– I’m broke and it’s Christmas. I can’t get anyone the things I want to and I feel guilty asking for anything for christmas because I can not give anything back in return.

now smaller things which have been really annoying me. My temper has been much shorter since trying to deal with those annoyances.
– I was going to get mum and dad breaking bad series 1 on blue ray for christmas to share (cheap present by combining the two) but didnt realise they only sell it in the US, being in the UK there is no time for postage and also the coding will be wrong for the disc to play on a UK player back to the drawing board on presents
Everything I touch seems to want to fall over/break/get tangled
– I ripped my favorite jumper
– I offered to drive on Christmas day to my aunt’s house so that my father can have a drink but my sister has now said that she won’t come in my car and so won’t come home christmas eve and will stay at hers. I don’t know what to do as I know dad really appreciates the offer but my car isn’t good enough for her or something. I can not afford to get a new car just to keep her happy at chistmas.
– My best friend (my sister) is away travelling around Asia, until April and I feel lost without her.
– I am continually freezing as I can’t afford to have the heating on.

I know it’s not as bad as some of you others but its really nice to have a bit of a moan. It has been hard recently. But I am pretty sure it will all get better once doctors figure out what the hell is wrong with me.

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How’s this for a week from Hell. One Thanksgiving my mother tells us she has to go in for open heart surgery because her mitral valve is in need of some corrective work. The day before she’s going in, I get the great idea to do a self exam of the testicles. Of course, I find a lump. Nothing I can do about it then. We all hang in the waiting room for my mom. She isn’t doing well with the surgery and the recovery after for several days. I’m the tough one in my family, so they nominate me to be the one to give her a kick in the ass. Four days after the operation I get to read her the riot act while she’s down. I apologized later for being an asshole. About a week after I get a chance to see the doctor. After about an hour of an older doctor imaging my balls he decides it’s just a calcium buildup. We’re all good now. :)
Although I can say I’ve never spewed on another person.

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Yeah, those happen to me. Sometimes it’s like, the best you try to do and the more positive you are with things, the more it all fucks up and you feel like you’re riding a one wheeled wagon in quicksand. Sometimes it really angers me and saddens me, but you gotta keep going I guess.
Better drag a sword behind you for a bit, than having someone lay it on your chest forever. I totally didn’t get that out of Xena. Seriously. I just thought of it, because deep down inside, I’m all corny and shit.
But you’re strong and awesome, so…’‘hugs!’’ :D

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I so get what you are saying. Thank you for the hugs and sending you one straight back too. Today is a better day. Problems that have come up are being resolved. So it is all good! Thank you @Symb xxx

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Glad some things are being resolved. Let’s hope it keeps getting higher up there. :)

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Many of you have reminded me that no matter how bad my week might be, there are people out there who are having it worse. To all of you who have been sick, I hope you are on the mend, to everyone else, I am sending out positive energy to you all and I hope next week, or next month, your fortunes turn around and 2012 is the best year of your life (well so far anyway. I hope they will keep getting better and better from here on in).

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