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How can I sell myself at this interview?

Asked by Facade (22907points) December 15th, 2011

I have an interview on Monday for a position as an accounting assistant. How can I best sell myself if I have no experience in accounting?

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I would give work examples of you catching errors that saved the company money or that showcase your attention to detail.

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Why do you privately think you can do a job where you have no experience? Is there an on-the-job training program? If so, then you show the interviewee that you are responsible, reliable, a quick learner, able to be orderly and as Marina said, pay attention to details.

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@marinelife That’s a good idea; thanks.

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OK you lack the experience but are being interviewed for the position anyway.
Don’t try to fake your way through the interview, stuff like that comes to the interviewer/s attention real fast and is a deal-breaker.

Stress that you are “number-oriented”, by this I mean to point out that you are good with arithmetic. It sounds trivial but it is important, lots of people can’t add or subtract to save their lives.

Stress that you are organized, that you can think logically and that you are a fast-learner.
To my mind, an accounting assistant’s job is not the same as a junior accountant. This job title indicates something that involves clerical tasks as well as accounting tasks.

Look, no one is going to assign complex accounting problems to you if you don’t have the fundamentals, at least I wouldn’t. So don’t worry about your lack of accounting knowledge, that is not what you are being interviewed for, at least not in my opinion.

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Thanks @srmorgan GA
I’m confident in my ability to handle the job. I’m just not sure about how to convey that to my interviewer if I’ve never done it before.

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To whom it may concern:
My new boss said I beat out people who were even more qualified because I stood out. Got the job =)

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@Facade: Good news. Now continue to make us proud. Keep us posted over the next few months.

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