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What are some nice things that I could do/make/buy for my good friend?

Asked by JessK (599points) December 15th, 2011

So we’re doing this thing in church that is kind of like Secret Santa, but more focused on service and just nice things to make them feel special throughout the month. It doesn’t need to cost anything, but if it does it should be $5 or less per item.

I have a girl who is 18. She is a volleyball player and also plays violin and piano. So far I’ve made her a couple of Christmas CD’s filled with music (mostly A Capella because she’s obsessed with The Sing-Off) and when it was given to her she was skeptical but she listened to it and totally adores it! I also left her a “10 Reasons Why You Are Awesome” note and am planning on making her a candy bouquet with her favorite candy. I also want to get her a $5 Taco Bell gift card because that is her favorite place to eat off campus, but I don’t think they make them in denominations of less than $10.

But I need some other things to do/buy/make that will still keep my identity a secret! (Actually, I’m planning on never telling her it was me. It’s nicer that way.) Any ideas? Thanks so much for your help!

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Can you embroider? You could put her team nickname (Go Hawks!) on a hand towel (better still if it was one of the school colors).

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Maybe a friendship bracelet?

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Find a quotation or poem you feel would be poignant to her and have it printed out in a font and on a cardstock you like. Write in permanent marker the date on the reverse, have it laminated and snip it into a bookmark, or a small picture frame size.

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Go to Walgreens and find her a Christmas Friendship Card. Some have music. Let the card tell her how you feel and do not sign it. Leave it in a location, where she will receive it and never tell her it was you.

You are a good person for thinking this way about your friend or is she something else to you?

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Can you make her some fudge or other sweets and put them in a pretty box. Lip gloss can be purchased cheaply and young women love that. Make some bath bombs for her (there are recipes online you can find) or a candle with a beautiful scent.

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Nope, she’s just a friend. She moved here recently from across the country so we thought it would be fun to have all us girls become better friends through service. I want to make sure she knows she’s special to us!

I think I’d die of pure adorableness if a guy did these for me. :)

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There are some great ideas ere. I’m not sure I agree about not telling who you are. It would drive me nuts not to know. Now if you continued to be a secret friend on into the new year, you could keep it secret, but if everybody was revealing who they were and you didn’t, I’d wonder why. Didn’t you really want to be friends?

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Well, yeah. We’re already pretty good friends and see each other a lot. But I don’t want to be in this for recognition. And don’t worry – a bunch of the girls that I talked to say they’re going to do the same thing and keep it secret. But the point is to be better friends by going out of your way to do service for them and really trying to find out more about them (which is the gift element). But I don’t need recognition for giving gifts – you don’t create a lasting friendship by buying someone presents.

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Oh! And someone on Yahoo Answers (I know, I know. ew) suggested I make her a music note/volleyball ornament. But I don’t want it to be tacky-homemade. My mom did this really cool thing where she papier-mache-d a plaster cast with torn up pieces of old sheet music. I’d love to do that… but what could I papier-mache? Can you do that on top of baked sculpy clay? I suppose I could get some ornaments from AC Moore’s to papier-mache… any advice?

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I like the sheet music/art idea. Do you have a music-instrument store near you? I don’t know how much this costs anymore, because it has been sooooo long since I played string instruments, but maybe checking out how much bow resin is-might be a thoughtful idea. Maybe, finding out when the next orchestra concerts @ your nearest college or local theater are could help. Explain what you are trying to do, and sometimes you can get comp tickets for nothing (or next to nothing).

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Rosin? That’s a really good idea too. Thanks for all your help everyone!

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Yes. Sorry, that’s actually how it’s spelled. I’m tired after helping my son with factoring polynomials and other such mind-snapping algebra.

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Ooh. I feel your/his pain.

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