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Is there a candy that takes you instantly into a happy, childlike state?

Asked by Blueroses (18234points) December 15th, 2011

I was shopping today in CandyTown, USA and it was the most fun I’ve had in a long time.

Everybody in the store was an adult and everybody was talking to each other, exclaiming joy and disbelief as they found their long-lost favorites. I noticed that all the display shelving is very tall which adds to the feeling of returning to childhood.

I shrieked with delight when I found a shelf of Zots! (Tart hard candies with a bubbly sour powder in the center) I’m all of 9-years-old again!

And so I sit, happily going into a sugar coma, wondering what sweet treats take you back? What would put a smile on your face?

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Candytown USA? What? Where is this utopia of which you speak???

Baby Ruth.

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I love and hardly ever can find Zagnuts.

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I just looked it up. My friend lives in that town, I am so going to visit!

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Oh! They have it @marinelife, and you can order from them.

It’s the coolest little shop ever!

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Candy buttons.

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@JilltheTooth You’ll be close to my neighborhood.

@Blueroses Great!

@linguaphile I loved those too.

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Circus peanuts!! You know, those orange-puffy-sugary things shaped like peanuts? Anytime I find a little bag of those, I MUST get them! :P

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I only have this once in a very blue moon: fun dips lol.

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought Hey! I said the same thing, hehe, great minds think alike?

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Um, I don’t really like candy all that much

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Strawberry twizzlers and Sweet Tarts

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought and @WillWorkForChocolate I always thought those were a bit creepy because they were so big and soft. Kind of like Sumo pseudo peanuts.

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Marshmallows for me, thank you!

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Whoppers! I LOVE Whoppers! I will eat them til my mouth is sore. It’s in the sucking action, suck until they implode and dissolve. Once in awhile I buy those milk carton size Whoppers and it is a dangerous venture during movie time. I can consume about half a carton until I wake up and become aware that I am in mindless Whopper suckey mode. lol

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Gold Nugget gum

I loved getting that little pouch when I was a kid.

Pop rocks are fun too. I recently ate some strawberry pop rocks then took a swig of Boones Farm Strawberry Hill. Man did those rocks pop extra hard! It was fun.

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Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews. I like a lot of candy, but that one my grandma used to give me when I was little. It’s hard to find.

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Rootbeer barrels!!!

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Malted milk balls. I can still imagine them in my mouth, the chocolate melting, getting to the malted milk part and sucking it through what chocolate was left, and then chewing. I don’t remember ever chewing them immediately.

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We must be milk ball twins, yes, no chewing, sucking only, til they melt down. lol

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Rocket Popsicles and various chocolate bars

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I’m also happy to report that I have a bag of Spree, Bottlecaps (cola and rootbeer are awesome) and Razzles.

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Oh man, so many candies that were awesome back in the day. Runts, (loved the bananas the most, and of course, there never were that many in the box…just fuckin oranges and apples) Nerds, those gummy bear things shaped like bottles of coke and glasses of root beer… (and actually somewhat tasted like the sodas they represented)
Those necklace candy things…like non sour Rockets on a string. Loved those, ecxept the string got all wet when you were sucking or biting on the candy for a bit, and it sucked having that drool imbued string sticking to your cheek, but eh…Also I loved those powder pack things. They usually came in two pouches, connected together, both of different flavors. You dipped a stick in the powder to eat it…and even the stick was edible! It was awesome!

The best ever for me though, besides Skittles, were those little plastic garbage cans, that contained suckable candy, shaped like garbage items. Like fish skeletons, bottles, tin cans and apple cores. I loved those so much. Eating out of the garbage is great!

I also loved Funfruits. They had so many themes, my dad always got boxes for me, to pack in my lunch, or as a snack while watching cartoons. I did love Gushers, (funfruits with a juicy center) but I was too old by then, and I lost the magic of awesome candy.

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I’m a Hershey girl! Milk chocolate all the way. We got more bang for our buck in the old days. The hershey bar was thicker and bigger. But then again , so was I from eating too much of that stuff. And, oh the cavities!

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Rock candy all the way. Also, when I was a kid we would get those candies that were sheets of wax paper with colored dot candy on them.

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Delicious Squirrel Nut Zippers!

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Blueberry half moon pies, from Hostess.

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