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Should Charlie Brown have been arrested? (see inside)

Asked by john65pennington (29163points) December 15th, 2011

A Charlie Brown Christmas was first aired in 1965 and has been a Christmas icon for the last 50 plus years. Of those 50 years, I have watched its rerun each year for at least the last 25 years. Out of all those years of watching, I never noticed that Charlie Brown never paid for his scrawny Christmas tree. He just picked it up off the lot and took off with it to his home. Question: was this just a blooper in this cartoon by Mr. Shultz or is it too late to file charges for theft, against Charlie Brown? Or, should we just pretend that we saw nothing and let it go. Ho Ho Ho!

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The tree was lucky to find a home. I think the people selling the tree were happy they didn’t have to dispose of it.

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Chyna, good answer. jp

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He obviously paid via paypal beforehand and just fetched the tree afterwards.

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The tree was abandoned because it was so miserable. They just left it there. it was his for the taking.

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Dude, he was like, six? I’d call child and family services instead, see what’s up with a bald kid having to steal shitty Christmas trees. His parents are obviously off somewhere not paying the cable bill.

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Yes, not for pilfering xmas trees though, oh no.
For crimes against fashion, yellow & black zig zag t-shirt…....ewww!

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Not for that since he was doing them a favor by taking it, but probably for this

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The owner of the tree lot obviously felt bad for the big headed kid he thought had downs syndrome.

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The missing scene between the time he picked it up, and ended back by Snoopy’s house, he swiped his pop’s credit card at the self-checkout kiosk on the way out.


All naughty misfit kids should be arrested, especially ones that wear ugly yellow shirts. Lol.

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