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Who makes credit cards?

Asked by AshlynM (10582points) December 15th, 2011

Where are credit cards made?

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Who and where, or who or where?

I googled this

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The banks issue the credit cards and are printed in their offices. Sioux Fall, SD for Citi.

Capital One

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Equifax, Experian, a third I can’t name at the moment.

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@whitetigress :: The third is TransUnion. But those are agencies that track your credit rating. All they do is give the banks that issue loans guidance.

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There are a couple of dozen companies that manufacture the credit card blanks (plastic) and send them over to the bank (or another agency) to do the actual encoding of the magnetic strip and the melting of the letters onto the card.

Here is one example:

But there are dozens more.

A credit card blank is basically a dumb piece of plastic with a blank metallic strip on the back of it. It doesn’t have any real value to anyone without the consumer-specific information on it.

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The plastic cards are produced by different companies where banks and other financial institutions buy. The credit card issuers are the makers of the credit cards that you apply for since they are the ones that put everything on the credit card such as logo of the bank, account number, card number, and other codes to make the credit card identifiable with the issuer and for security purposes.

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