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If you are sitting or laying down in pitch dark, does it feel odd to you to keep your eyes open?

Asked by JLeslie (61774points) December 16th, 2011

I guess maybe it has to do with the eyes not trying to see? If our eyes are open is the brain and eyes trying to see, but with our eyes closed there is no expectation of seeing? Is that why maybe it feels odd to stare into darkness?

Or, is being in total darkness with your eyes open totally comfortable for you?

Sometimes I have my eyes open for a short time in total darkness, but not for very long, maybe a few minutes at most.

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Nah. After a while my eyes adjust and I can make things out, at least a bit. Never put much thought into it. It isn’t uncomfortable for me, though.

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Well when I visit caverns I usually keep my eyes open when it gets pitch black so I can tell if light is starting to filter through and stuff like that.

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I keep my eyes open. I like the feeling of total darkness. But then again I’m a freak for sensory things like that.

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I can and do keep my eyes open in the dark.

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Very little feels odd to me any more.

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I get what you’re saying @JLeslie. It does feel a little odd. Pointless, I guess. It kind of depends on if I’m sleepy though. If I’m not sleepy, it might feel weird to have them closed.

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My eyes are comfortable open. I begin to imagine little shapes or colors like the ones I think I see when my eyes are closed behind my lids.

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It’s pitch dark in my scenerio, your eyes are not going to adjust and see anything.

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I usually keep em peepers open, unless I’m trying to sleep. Doesn’t feel odd in any real ways, whatever position I’m in. (which is, usually, hanging upside down :D )

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