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What changes/glitches have you been noticing on Gmail in the last week or so?

Asked by flo (12974points) December 16th, 2011

I have the fake hand at the box where you check for deleting purposes. As well, scrolling is problematic. When I try to scroll nothing happens for a long time.

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I’m not having any trouble with Gmail. Are you sure it’s not your browser or computer causing the problem?

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My people on Chat and Mail folders get smooshed together on some of the computers I am working on since the new layout was unrolled.

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* consistently the fake hand shows up only when it is over that particular box, not the email, or other places in Gmail.
*and only in Gmail, not other email providers, or other sites.
*does not affect the other cursors like the arrow, for example.

@janbb Interesting, I wonder what the computers have in common?

I wish I had it ”…box for deleting email or do other tasks”... It sounds like the box that contains the trash can?

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The scroll problem is fixed now.
@janbb I had forgotten to give you a GA I just did it.

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The scroller problem has come back.
1% fu
is what I see when the scroller is close to the bottom. It is part of the:

1% full
Using 85 MB of your 7662 MB ©2011 Google – Terms & Privacy
Last account activity: 33 minutes ago
at the bottom of the page.

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