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Who and what is popular right now? I need to brainstorm.

Asked by sugarMonsterx (45points) December 16th, 2011

I’m doing a project that targets the young and ‘cool’. I need to brainstorm what’s popular at the moment so I can get a handle on the audience. So far I’ve got Lady Gaga… Glee…

Help me out guys! Thanks a bunch!

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This couple blows away my teen son, right now. They do really nice covers… and the girl is a surprisingly good rapper (or is it a hip hopper?)


50 million hits…

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Annoying music collaborations between singers and electronic music artists. See David Guetta and Calvin Harris.

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I don’t know how cool they are, but I just found out about Sin Fang and I quite like what I’ve heard so far. Which means they’ll probably never be cool.

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Justin (Gag) Beiber

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Justin Bieber

What are you looking for, purely music or other things, like electronics or clothes?

Just to list a few…iphones, ipods, hoodies, Nintendo DS.

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Angry Birds,
not using e-mail,
quirky hats,
social sex,
photosharing (instagram, tumblr),
makeup tips,
Careers in criminal forensics, genetics, and record production

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I don’t really know, but it seems Google has some insight. Their “most popular” of 2011 was released yesterday. Here’s their Zeitgeist main page if the first link wasn’t enough.

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Facebook, texting, sexting, email.

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Arab spring, FC Barcelona, tablets (PC), exoplanets.

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iPads, video games,

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A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin.

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Jeff Dunham.
Pretending to have Asperger’s Syndrome.
Trite, bland, self-indulgent music by plastic people with marginal talent.
Blind obedience.
Ineffectually protesting in officially sanctioned Free Speech Zones™.
Wrapping oneself in a flag while stomping on someone’s face, forever.

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@SmashTheState You forgot optimism. ~

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here is a list:
-shorts (with the visible pockets)
-beach bags (the big ones)

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