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What are some good yoga DVDs?

Asked by smart1979 (442points) May 17th, 2008

My girlfriend and I got a 3 pack of yoga for beginners by Gaiam, but we think there is probably a lot of better stuff out there. We are looking for stretching and fitness more than meditation.

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A lot of it is personal preference. Bryan Kest is good. Rodney Yee and Baron Baptiste are also current names. For stretching and fitness, I’d veer more towards programs labeled “power yoga” or something similar. I’ve done Kest and Yee and I have Baptiste’s book. The Kest video from way back was very good, and the Baptiste book is too, although I haven’t officially used the book. Baptiste grew up with yoga parents and created his own style to incorporate more strength and fitness aspects.

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not a DVD, but Wii Fit! Haha! As much as they trying, and I’ve heard that it’s good and works, it looks like yoga is about all this is really good for. That and it comes with a Balance Board that shows a lot of potential for other, more “game-ish” games.

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I saw this one on SustainLane:

you can also just search “yoga dvd” on their website, and click the link that says products..there are quite a few of them there.

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You have to find one that’s geared more toward the workout than the spiritual side of things. Gaiam is pretty woo-woo, even though they make great gear. I just found this site which has a great collection of DVDs…look for “power yoga” “yoga workout” “fitness” stuff like that in the titles. Also, ashtanga yoga is really intense and good for breaking a sweat. Happy hunting!

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