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How safe is titanium to handle?

Asked by HungryGuy (16008points) December 16th, 2011

We all know that lead is poisonous to the touch. Now, research has also indicated that aluminum in its purest form may also be poisonous to touch (stop wrapping food in aluminum foil, peeps!) Now, I’m just wondering if anyone has heard anything similar about titanium?

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Basically safe, but the powder can go BOOM! 1 There’s some interest in the bioaccumulation over time too and what effects it might be having. 2

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I would worry about antiperspirant more than aluminum foil. The aluminum foil at least is bonded to the rest of the roll, whereas the aluminum sulfates in most common antiperspirants is designed to bond to sweat pores.

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It is the metal used in a lot of artificial joints and is inert in the body.

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No, it is not dangerous. In fact, your body actually recognizes titanium atom atoms as part of your bone, and your bones can attach to it.

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As far as I know, it’s completely safe. I hope this is actually the case, because I like my titanium spork.

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I handle it on a nearly daily basis at work.

Unless it’s pointy or sharp, it’s totally safe.

I also touch pure, as in 99.9999% (literally, we call it 6 nines Al), Aluminum on a nearly daily basis too.. and work with people who have done so for the past 30–50 years…. with no issues whatsoever.

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Titanium is very safe. They use it for artificial hips, bone screws. It is much more safe than cobalt-chrome, which has shown to cause reactions in some patients.

I donĀ“t really buy the whole ‘aluminium is not safe’ case. For me, the evidence is still not in.

Lead is undeniably poisonous.

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@WestRiverrat & @cazzie – That’s why I said, ”...research has also indicated that aluminum in its purest form may also be poisonous…” I don’t automatically buy into these scares either, but there’s a consensus that it may be harmful. That means, at least, I ain’t gonna wrap food in the stuff.

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@HungryGuy I would worry more about the plastics you wrap and heat food in. Aluminium, as a wrap, is extremely stable. How many beers and sodas in aluminium do you think you consume? They have been trying to work out the issues with the aluminium salts in deodorants for years now. I thew all my aluminium pots out when some research showed that Alzheimer patients’ brains showed higher levels of aluminium in them (which, by the way, a study which results have not yet been able to be reproduced despite a few very good efforts.)

If you want to worry about the real scary stuff, worry more about shit they put in food to preserve them, make them ‘prettier’, softer, tastier. Colorants derived from coal, flavorings that have more relation to petrochemicals than they do the flavor they are ment to resemble.

Worry more about things they are allowed by the FDA to add to sun cream, moisturizers, shampoos and soaps. Chemicals that collect in the eco system and poison birds and marine mammals. Levels of cosmetic silicones that are now found in the fat of arctic animals that can only have come from our consumer use of these products and then washing them down into the water systems where they can not break down.

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Pans are something to worry about, since the mechanical actions of scraping, strirring, etc. that are involved in cooking tend to take particles off and put them into your food. Aluminum tools are just fine, unless you’re biting them.

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